Almost Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes you feel like life is on repeat. Get up, go to work, come home, mom stuff, wife stuff, sleep, repeat.

And there are many blessings in that life.

Like your toddler twins repeatedly bringing you random pieces of paper saying “Happy Mother’s Day mom, here’s your card.”  And your 7 year old bringing a belated card with a stone glued to it saying “Mom you Rock!” And your 12 year old who still hugs and kisses you and says “I love you, mommy.”

But now and then, you get a message saying “Come out and play with your fronds!”

So I went!



Friday Five – May 9

1. Ok, so I missed yesterday. I took my birthday off of my post a day in May series. That’s ok. I forgive myself. I was busy celebrating and eating cake.
2. I’m getting a surprise gift. Sometimes the Universe answers you when you least expect it. Since we found out we were having twins, Marco and I had to get rid of our little cars and get the minivan. We’ve been a one car family and it has been hard. Well, today, Marco worked it out with a friend and we are finally buying a second car. We are picking it up tomorrow. I’ll miss having Marco chauffeur me around. But it will be a relief on managing our day to day lives.

3. I’ve been at this blogging thing forever!!! I was just reminded by Nance just how time has flown. Back in the day, these things were called online journals. And there weren’t any comments. Or sponsored posts. And I was coding every entry with my little html skills. I love it!

4. I saw my crazy doc today. We decided that I’ll continue on the dose of the happy pills I’m on. I think I’ve gotten past the adjustment period and am looking forward to not dealing with the highs and lows anymore. And putting worry where it belongs. Worrying is a damn thief if you let it.

5. For the past year, I’ve been working in two different offices doing multiple duties. As of next week, I get to just do my main job and that will also be a big relief to my stress. However, I will miss all my people at the beach office. They’re my familia.

That’s all folks! Time for bed!

Birthday Eve

Tomorrow is my birthday.

To be exact I was born, at this time on May 8th, 40-something years ago.

I say 40-something because I always gave to do math to figure out my age now. How old am I? Oh, let’s see, what year are we in? Minus this, carry the 7, … Um yeah.

Remember when half birthdays were a big deal? Being in such a rush to get to the next age.

I’m in no rush. Just trying to enjoy the fab forties.

I really am in a good place. I hate that my brain forgets that, and makes me think I need to fret about things.

Being thankful. Gratitude.

That’s what I will be conscious of this year.

Because I am blessed.

birthday cupcake

I got this

It’s only Tuesday and it’s been one of those weeks.


Where for every to do thing crossed off the list, four more take its place.

And I’m not the most organized person in the world. But I’m getting better. Because my job and mom life require it. Plus the Zoloft is working a little better so I’m not so fearful.

It sounds stupid. But I often get overwhelmed by the things I need to do. So I put them off. More and more. And then it gets worse and worse. It doesn’t make any sense logically. But that’s how my brain works. It lies.

Anyway, it’s been one of those weeks.

A work to-do list. And a me to-do list. And a mom to-do list.

But I am learning to appreciate the accomplishments.

To say, hey I got this! Because I do.