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Legoland Kids Go Free 2018



It’s been too long since we’ve gone to LEGOLAND®! But now, KIDS GO FREE to LEGOLAND California Resort when you buy Honest Kids Juice 8ct Carton at any retailer. The offer on the box includes a FREE Child Hopper Ticket with a full paid Adult Hopper Ticket admission coupon to LEGOLAND® California Resort. What better time to visit the park again?

Legoland Kids Go Free

Legoland Kids Go Free Giveaway

What’s new at LEGOLAND California Resort? A lot! It will be a brand new experience for our family! The twins have never been. My older girls went when they were the twins’ age! Since then, Legoland has grown and added so much! 

LEGOLAND California Resort has more than 60 rides, shows and attractions. My twins love the LEGO® movies and they’ve been asking for a trip to the resort ever since they heard about LEGO® NINJAGO®

Legoland Kids Go Free Ninjago

Join your favorite ninja heroes at a very special dojo training session in the NEW LEGO® NINJAGO®: Master of the 4th Dimension 4D film now open! Plus experience LEGO NINJAGO The Ride. You can also purchase this offer at using promotional code 189900.

Legoland Kids Go Free Waterpark

Build your own raft!

The LEGOLAND® Water Park is bigger, wetter and faster! Season opens March 5thAt the new Surfer’s Cove, show your speed as you race against clock on Riptide Racers. Or whether it’s building your own raft and floating down a not-so-lazy river, the LEGOLAND Water Park is ten million gallons of fun.


Legoland Kids Go Free Aquarium

SEA LIFE® aquarium NEW Sea at Night display coming this spring featuring an amazing bioluminescence display. I think I’m looking forward to this the most! There’s just something magical about an aquarium, don’t you agree? 

Book a stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel! What? Yes! I can’t wait! You can even choose between 5 Lego themed rooms: Pirate, Kingdom, Adventure, Friends and LEGO® NINJAGO®

Legoland Kids Go Free Resort Stay

For more information visit

And now for the moment you’ve been waiting for. Here’s your chance to win 4 one-day tickets to LEGOLAND® California Resort. Enter using the entry below with shares of #LEGOLANDKidsGoFree for more chances to win! *tickets are good through 12/31/1018

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This post is sponsored. I did not receive compensation but I will be given 4 tickets of my own to take the family as well as some to share in this giveaway! Thanks LEGOLAND®!

I blame the moon.

It’s been a rough couple of days. Was it the moon that caused it? This bowling ball moon that knocked over all the pins?

It could also be the adorable new four legged addition to the family who can be sneaky and naughty. And will quite rudely give us the finger at our belief that she is potty trained giving the carpet steam cleaner some extra use lately.


The twins have both been extra volatile. And they both had incidents at school of not being respectful of others and being good students. On the one hand, an occasional crossing of the lines isn’t a bad thing. But man, it’s been just extra.

One of the incidents was that Ema was not being very nice to Sara (who was probably bugging her as she does from time to time). I had Ema write an apology note. Her first try at the note said “I’m sorry Sara. You should go now. I don’t need you.”

Needless to say she had to try again.

And the older girls have been riding the emotional roller coaster as well. While I certainly sympathize with the evil that is hormonal fluctuations, I need to impress upon them that they still need to be a participant in their own lives.

I feel like I should both thank my mom and yell at her for not preparing me with all of her wisdom. But to be frank, I think I am pretty much her clone when it comes to how to mom. Was it this hard for her? Ugh. Probably. I’m sure I was the perfect child and caused her no stress whatsoever.

(Is my halo crooked?)

Fly to the moon

A migraine sucks

A migraine is the guarantee that my day is ruined. It could be an awesome day, everything lining up in a perfect way. And then BLAM! All else is thwarted and all I can do is hold my head and hope it doesn’t last all day.

It seems that my body has decided to throw my hormones into crazytown as I’m getting older. Until my doctor and I reach a solution that works, I’m stuck with monthly (or more often than that lately) migraines.

Up until now, good ol’ OTC Excedrine Migraine has been my go to. But it’s time to step up the regimen. I’ve got an appointment to make with my doc and today’s migraine was an excellent reminder to get that scheduled.

In the meantime, here are the things that I do to deal with migraines aside from the Excedrine:

  1. Get extremely crabby and possibly bitch out my family members. Poor Marco gets the brunt of it.
  2. Hold on to my head as though it might detach from my body.
  3. Close my eyes into tiny slits so that I can kind of still see but most of the light is blocked.
  4. When that doesn’t work, just give up and close my eyes completely.
  5. Block out the world around me and meditate for 20 minutes.
  6. Or just take a nap.
  7. Escape in my mind to a happy place to fool myself into believing that I’m not about to die.
  8. When possible, add some other type of medicinal relief (it’s legal in CA y’all)

And when finally, it subsides enough, I’m able to deal with life again. Get some things done. Or a few things. Or maybe just one thing.

The migraine is usually still there but it’s being subdued and quiet just below the surface.

I might take another nap at this point. Or if it’s late enough, I just accept my fate and all it a day. Hopefully it will be gone by the next day.

All I know is, this shit is not acceptable and I can’t  live life with migraine episodes every 3ish weeks.

I’m not alone right?

Just write

Dusting off the blog to just write. Feels pretty good.

Since I last blogged, here’s what you’ve missed.

All four of my girls are growing like crazy. They are becoming young women at what seems like an incredible pace. Isa will be driving before long. Gabi is al ost as tall as I am and can wear my shoes. Ema and Sara are wearing glasses are so self aware it blows my mind.

And because I love to make life interesting, we brought home a new baby. Have you seen Luna yet?

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How can you not love a puppy? #Luna #rhodesianridgeback

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I have a lot more to say and am clear that 2018 is my year to write again. Life is pretty great. I hope you follow along.

2018 Just write Lex. That’s how it’s going to be.

Tell me in the comments what you have going in 2018.

And go visit my good friend Briya for the first BHFOTD of 2018.

Come back tomorrow for a new post.