Wordless Wednesday – #CCPhotos Photo challenge

If you follow me over on Instagram , you’ve seen me attempt photo challenges now and then. I have yet to make a whole month! But this time, I plan on finishing!

Day 1: Money

All I've got left. Kids, man. #money #ccphotos

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Day 2: Three

#three eyed monster snack cup #ccphotos #photochallenge

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Day 3: Candy

My #candy today. So sleepy. #ccphotos #photochallenge

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Day 4: Favorite Place

A #favoriteplace. Beach town living. #ccphotos #photochallenge

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Day 5: Self

After a busy workday, second winded #self making dinner. #ccphotos #photochallenge

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You can join in too! Look for the hashtag #ccphotos on instagram and see what everyone is posting!

Here's something fun for June… the June @CityCynic Photo Challenge! Join some of Instagram's most creative by tagging #CCphotos each day!

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  1. Yeah! So happy you linked up! I am going to do #TMOMPhoto challenge again AND #CCPhotos … maybe a bit over zealous, but what the hell! xo

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