Made it through November

So, my attempt at blogging every day during November was a 70% at best. (I’m totally guessing, don’t make me do the math.)

In this month, we had stomach flu rage through the house.

And kidney stones rage through my body. Which are still trapped somewhere inside of me planning the next move. I’m ready with medication and chugging water to help things along.

We had a pretty awesome Thanksgiving. It’s the first time since our last one with grandma, three years ago, that we made a traditional turkey dinner, her way. We told many grandma stories and I’m pretty sure she was right there with us.


My dad pulled off a great Thanksgiving prank on me that I’m sure we’ll be telling that tale for years. On the Wednesday before, I baked a from scratch cheesecake. Something I’m still aiming at perfecting, but this was my third try and I was pretty darn proud of it. I left the fresh from the oven cheesecake by the open kitchen window to cool. Sarita was crying her head off that night and I never made it back to the kitchen to put the cake in the fridge. So, early Thursday morning, I stumbled into the kitchen searching coffee and remembering to get that cheesecake into the fridge. My dad was there already prepping the bird for stuffing. And I didn’t see the cheesecake anywhere. He played as though he knew nothing about it. And then he says, “oh wait! look!” and hands me this note:

Funny Joke, Dad

I fell for it, big time. No one took the cake. It was right there. Well-played dad.

November went by way too quickly. And December is going to be huge! Legendary! I can’t wait for what’s to come!
(kidney stone, not withstanding.)

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