I’m lucky.

I have many great friends in my life.

Some I consider sisters.

Some I’ve known for most of my life.

And some I’ve known for not quite as long but are just as special.

Friends that I’ve met from my online life as a blogger.

That I keep close to me, right in my pocket.

This weekend we are having a weekend of fun, food, drink, food, movies, food, adventure, food and a lot of laughter.

I plan to continue posting every day. I hope.

Friends are a treasure. I’m so excited!

In a blink

On our way home from voting today, we were walking across a busy street. We had the light and we were in the crosswalk. And yet, a car turned left and headed right for us. Luckily, he realized before it was too late. The man behind us yelled. I did too but it was more of a yelp. Marco pushed me forward. The two of us probably would have been fine but the couple behind us would have been hit had the driver not realized. He apologized and said he doesn’t see very well. He was also wearing dark shades. THEN DON’T DRIVE!!

He was an older man. I get it. I remember well when my grandpa had to stop driving because it was just too dangerous. So then I thought about this man, and why wasn’t his family doing anything to keep him from driving.

It was just too close.

Things happen in the blink of an eye.

On Friday, at Gabi’s school costume parade, the twins were playing on the kids playground. Marco was with them and I was over by Gabi’s class taking pictures.

Twins sure have fun though

As he was helping one kid the other took the chance and bolted

“I can’t find Sara.”

Both of us searched the yard, I ran to the parking lot toward the neighboring park because that’s her favorite place to be. She wasn’t there. I headed back, assuming that by then Marco would have her. But he handed me Ema as he headed toward the other side. And that’s when I see her, back next to the playground running from behind the classrooms and stopping to hop on the hopscotch.

“Marco! She’s here!”

He jogged back toward us. He was about to get on the speaker and have all the parents searching.

But there she was not a care in the world hopping like no one’s business. (How did she learn about hopscotch anyway?)

The whole thing was probably less than 10 minutes. It took a while for us to recover from that little scare. And by a little while, I mean not quite yet.

We talked to them (again) about not running off without us and that they need to stay together.

It all can happen in a blink.

I remember one time when I was little. Probably around 7 or 8 years old. During the days when it was commonplace to say, Mom we’re going outside to play! and head out to our neighborhood.

Tommy wasn’t home. Neither was Gina. But Georgie the little boy next door had just gotten home and had a new toy that he wanted us to play with. So my sister and I went in and were having a great time playing with some construction set.

It was getting dark and his dad asked me if we had to go home yet and if my mom knew where we were. I didn’t want to stop playing and it wasn’t totally dark, so I fibbed and said we were fine.

Well, I’ll never forget the tears in my mom’s eyes as we were called to the door when she had knocked on their door as a last resort. She’d already been to Tommy’s and Gina’s and probably a few other kids.

And I never forgot the lesson I learned.

It can all happen in a blink.

Vote! Election Day is November 4

Tomorrow is the big day.
Ok, so it might not be the Big Day that is the years of Presidential Elections, but I’ve come to know that the Midterm Elections are just as big of a deal. Because it matters. All of it.
This summer, I took part in several conference sessions at BlogHer14 in the California Women Lead’s suite. One of the many things I learned is that only 28% of all the City Council offices in the state are held by women. This is not the time for women to be underrepresented. When our rights are being threatened and our salaries continue to stagger behind those of men.
And, at this point in my life, I’m not ready to run for office, but the one thing I can do is Vote. It’s not just to vote for my own beliefs or my own interests. But I carry the future of my daughters with me when I step into the voting booth.
my girls
Voter turnout is historically abysmal during the midterm elections. But often, it’s these elections that create change in local, state, and nationwide laws and offices.
A big one for me this year is Prop 46. I wrote over on MomsLA about all of the reasons I’m voting No on 46. It jeopardizes the health care of families and I hope it fails.  If you’re in California, please join me in voting No.
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Mean Girls

I remember being in jr high, what is now known as middle school.

I would ask my mom, what would make girls be mean to me? or why would someone say something bad about me?

Her answer would just confuse me. Maybe they’re jealous. Maybe they’re intimidated by you. I know that she was trying to make me see as she did. That I was beautiful and smart. That I was someone who others might envy. Because she saw me as perfect.

But it would just confuse me. I do appreciate it now, that as my mom, she wanted me to have the confidence to make that stuff not matter.

But it mattered. When you’re 12 years old, everything matters. The tiniest thing can seem like the biggest thing.

Isa and me

Now that I’m a mom to a 12 year old, I try to see myself in her shoes. She is facing the middle school drama now. The same as it was then, yet even more complicated with today’s social media and expectations. I find myself repeating the things my mom said.

Why would someone talk bad about me mom?

Maybe they’re jealous.

And I caught myself. I looked at her as she said, I don’t get it.

I didn’t get it then either.

So then I said, Well, Are you what they said? are you a bitch?


Are you a whore?


Then don’t listen to girls that are saying those things. Be proud of who you really are. You don’t have to try to please them. Just be you. Be kind. Be compassionate. Be confident. Be friendly. Isn’t that who you are?

Yes mom. that is who I am. You’re right. I’ll try to think of it that way. Good night.

Girls back then didn’t call each other bitches and whores. But really, it’s the same mean girl mentality as always.

And while I would love to think she is perfect in every way, I know she’s not. I know she’s just doing the best she can.

Sometimes, I have no idea what I’m doing as a mom to these girls.

I’m just doing the best I can to nurture love and strength. So that they can someday know on their own that mean girls aren’t worth worrying about.

I hope it’s enough.