Friday Fragments – 8.29.14


Half-Past Kissin' Time

After talking to some awesome friends, I did a little reading and think I need to give probiotics a try for both me and Isa. We both have allergy issues and digestive issues and I hear this could help a lot. I’ll report back. If you’ve had experience with these, please, share your thoughts.


School started this week for Gabi. She’s been so worried about 3rd grade. But she got a really good teacher, so I’m hopeful. I’ll have to spend more time this year helping her with her homework. And God help us with this common core crap. Hoping another year of speech therapy will finally get the R’s right for her.


Isa starts at a new middle school next week. Sixth grade was really hard for her. But we’ve spent a lot of time working with her doctors to get a hold of her anxiety, eczema, and allergies. Not missing as much school will be key. Plus getting an IEP or 504 plan is in the works. A smaller school with less students and hopefully less social distraction. She says she’s going to be Spencer (We binge watched Pretty Little Liars recently) this year, and hit the books hard!


Speaking of binge watching, it’s been a summer of shows around here. House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, Lost Girl and I can’t recall what else. I love a good story and binge watching is the best because no waiting for the next episode! well, until you reach the end of the ones they’ve aired anyway. Any other favorites I should know about?


Today I had lunch with my sister and her man. He has a brand new smartphone but hasn’t downloaded apps because he doesn’t want it cluttered? WHAT? who does that? I don’t get him. Apps are my crack man.


I’ve also done a lot of reading. Fault in Our Stars, This is Where I Leave You, something, and um… the Flowers In the Attic series. I read them all in the 8th grade. For a while VC Andrews was my favorite! Now, I think that is really twisted. wow.

Life’s lemons

You know when you have so many things to do, you don’t know where to start? And so you do the one thing that must be done now and get it off your list, and think damn, I’m good! And then you stare at your list of many other things, and decide, well, none of these are super urgent. So you try to prioritize and since they are all of the same priority and same time frame, you’re just stuck with choosing randomly. And you decide to do a blog post instead during your lunch break.

When Life Gives You Lemons

You decide that it would be better to throw your 8 year old a slumber party for her closest friends instead of one big party with a jumper for the whole second grade class. Problem. Her birthday falls after school lets out. And invitations get lost in the whole take everything you own home process at the end of the school year. Out of 7 girls invited, only 2 rsvp’s. Then one gets sick. The one remaining girl shows up. But her foreign born parents didn’t realize the concept of a sleepover, so she comes for dinner, cake and basically a play date. They decorate a pillowcase and she takes it home. A favor that now makes no sense since she didn’t sleep over. You serve the cute sleepover cupcakes that you slaved over but they taste great, so who cares? You all decide it worked out for the best and take your kid out on another day for a mommy/me breakfast and mani/pedi date. You decide to plan for next year’s slumber party a full month ahead of her birthday. Summer birthdays are rough.

You get a call that your kids may have been exposed to lice. You freak out and google the hell out of lice treatments. You curse yourself for not buying more Tea Tree Oil Wen when you ran out. You call your mom to come help and everyone gets a thorough comb through and a trim. You still haven’t stopped itching and you never want your kids to go anywhere again. You add tea tree oil to all the shampoos and conditioners in the house. (you just scratched your head, didn’t you?)

You get an awesome opportunity to go to BlogHer and you are so glad you went even though two days before your flight the familiar pain shows up and you’re downing water and pain killers. The last thing you wanted to pack with you to San Jose was a kidney stone. But you made a commitment and you’ve done this before. Why your kidney stones coincide with travel all the damn time is just a freaky coincidence, after all. But all the walking, and hydrating, and who knows what magic happened, but two days in, the stone is gone! You wave good bye and celebrate with pink moscato as you should.

You look up and you realize it’s August and you still haven’t done anything of noteworthy fun with the kids and you feel bad about that. So, you start researching trips and excursions and realize you don’t have a supply of funds for anything that you really want to do. But you have two weeks to do something. Anything. So that when your kids go back to school and they have to write an essay about their summer vacation, they have more to say than they watched movies on netflix and got a few manicures.

So, how’s your summer gone?

National Twin Day

A friend tagged me on Facebook letting me know that today was National Twin Day! In my world, twin day actually falls in December. But a twin celebration on a national level, bonus!

People always say, “you have your hands full.” Or they say “such a blessing.” And truthfully, it’s both.

Sometimes they do a double take. They look like we are accompanied by a pair of unicorns. Yes, they’re real.

And sometimes I look at them in awe myself. Wow, we did that.

twins baby shower

baby shower

infant sleeping

tiny Sara

infant girl

tiny Ema

twin sisters

sister time

Twin toddler girls

big girls

Back from BlogHer14 and back to Blogging

Oh hi there! It’s August 1. Time for another try at blogging daily. Stay with me, friends.

I was fortunate to be able to make it to BlogHer this year. Thanks to a partnership with Fresh & Easy as their BlogHer correspondent. I’ll post more in the days to come and have a giveaway coming. Watch for it.

Here’s the thing about BlogHer. And it’s true for every time I’ve gone. Sure, people can point out negative things in just about anything. This year, I truly had a rewarding experience and am so thankful to have gone. Here are some of my favorite things about my time in San Jose:


The Bloggess was a pure joy to see. I laughed so much. I think I always felt like she was too much of a superstar to give two licks about me. But she is just so real. The anxiety she describes is so much of what I feel a lot of the time. Thankfully, meds and maturity have helped me to live my life anyway. Her humor is such a breath of fresh air. And she talks just like Kelly Clarkson. I love it!


I was in the same room as Kerry Wasington. Need I say more. I know, lame, I’ve been among the Shondaland people, obviously. But Kerry’s words were such an inspiration. I love her take on fame and paparazzi, civic pride and living the life she wants. I wanted to run up and hug her. But that probably would have caused a stampede.





I recently discovered Luvvie’s blog. From her Scandal recaps and her funny takes on dumb tweets. She has become a must read in my feedly. And she was super nice and gracious. And my favorite thing about her is her lack of filter. She says what she wants. Much like my awesome friend Briya.


I learned so much at the conference this year. I became inspired to finally get writing on the book I’ve been bouncing around in my brain for years, and learned a little about publishing. I became aware of a horrid initiative to be placed on the California ballot this November, threatening to cause harm to healthcare in our state and making lawyers richer. So, say No on 46, voters.

I also was dismayed to learn about the lack of women in public office and the gap that is glaring in potential women leaders to replace those that are getting termed out of office. I loved this session I attended with candidate for State Controler Betty Yee, my friend and politics superstar Erin Kotecki-Vest,  and Mary Hughes, from Close the Gap CA. 







And of course, fun time with friends. I’ve made so many lifelong friends through blogging. It’s no lie when people call it a community. These are my people.

And with that, I’m calling it a night. I could go on and on about everything I loved about going this year. I hope there’s more to come. It’s not about the parties, or the vacation from kids, or the other bullshit that people have said about Blogher. It really is about the way that I’ve grown as a person through blogging and the people I’ve met along the way. It’s about learning what I want to do as a blogger and as a woman. I’m so glad to be a part of it.