Fresh and Easy Holiday Giveaway

You should know that I’m a big fan of cooking. I love to make things from scratch for my family and friends.

But you should also know, that sometimes, I’m just too busy or it’s just too much.

Last holiday season, cooking a huge dinner in my kitchen took multiple days and a lot of coordination and help.  This year, we want to make it a little easier on everyone.

When Fresh and Easy asked me if I wanted to try their Holiday Box and share it with my readers, I jumped at the chance! Their food is always good and of course it’s Fresh and Easy!!

Fresh and Easy Holiday Dinner - Prime Rib

Fresh and Easy Holiday Dinner – Prime Rib

For the holiday box, customers can choose between a turkey breast, ham, or prime rib.  I went for the prime rib.

Fresh and Easy Holiday Dinner

Dinner is served!

It was super easy to cook and was ready in just one hour using my oven. And since most of it was cooked in the trays they came in, less mess to clean up!

Fresh and Easy dinner plate

So delicious!

Pumpkin Pie!

Pumpkin Pie for dessert!

The timing was perfect because my in-laws came to town for Marco’s birthday. It was a resounding hit! Everyone loved the food. Even the kids. And it was more than enough for all 10 of us even though the box serves 6-8.  It includes side dishes of your choice and a free pumpkin pie! You can order yours at for under $65.

Fresh and Easy also gave me a $50 to share with one lucky reader. Just post a comment with your favorite Thanksgiving dish and I’ll randomly choose one winner. You have until 11:59pm on Tuesday, Nov 19. (the gift card can be used in store only)

Fresh and Easy provided me with the holiday box to try out and share. All opinions are my own. Thanks for reading!

Lifestyle Change

I had my follow up appointments with my doctors today. Yes, plural.. doctors.

First I saw my primary care physician. I really love her by the way. We discussed a few things that I have going on. The kidney stones, for one, which haven’t been bothering me lately. My ER episode and the accompanying back/shoulder situation. Other stuff that are not immediately threatening, but should not be ignored. I’ll be going for follow up fasting bloodwork. And some physical therapy for my back and shoulder. And more follow up stuff.

When you have generalized anxiety disorder, like I do, you really ought to see a psychiatrist and probably a therapist too on a regular basis. And I decided almost 5 years ago that I was OKAY, and to just forget about all that stuff.

Well, finding myself in the ER with a panic attack has proven me wrong. I really liked the psychiatrist and I have a therapy appointment coming up soon. And I promised the intake manager that if I didn’t like the therapist that I would request a change rather than just quit like I did last time.

I expect to feel a lot of relief in a month or so after the happy pills kick in. The other thing the psychiatrist helped me understand that there is nothing WRONG with needing medication for anxiety. And it’s far better to take a little pill each day than to wind up in the ER thinking you’re going to die or finding yourself hospitalized for it. (although a very small part of me thinks a few days in the hospital away from stress sounds kind of inviting)

The worst part of my day was on the way from my primary doc appointment to my psychiatry appointment, when I had to stop for gas. As I pulled up to the pump, I made a call to work because there was a lot going on and I wasn’t physically there to take care of it myself. Well, I got distracted and I left my key on the seat when I got out to pump the gas. AND THE CAR LOCKED ITSELF!

I nicely begged the gas station guy to use the phone and called Marco who called for roadside assistance. TWO HOURS LATER, the guy finally showed up and said “sorry for the wait.” Time for us to change car insurance because that’s twice Progressive has left us hanging. And on a day when I’m supposed to be getting anxiety relief, and instead, I’m sitting next to my car seeing my phone on the seat mocking me. Not exactly relaxing my anxiety.

Thankfully, I was able to call and apologize for missing my first appointment and was able to get one an hour later.

So, now I have some meds and a plan. A plan to make myself better.

Because I need to be around for the long haul. I need to watch my babies grow up. And grow old with Marco next to me.

So, it’s time to put the oxygen mask on myself. And stop ignoring those little things.

And get healthy.

And do what has to be a ….




my serenity place

my serenity place


It started with shoulder pain. And then some tingling in my left hand sometime last week. Over the next few days it got worse, not better.

By Friday my right hand was feeling a little tingly too.

Maybe it’s carpal tunnel.

Maybe it’s worse. Googled Heart Attack Signs for Women…

Convinced myself I was dying.

Maybe it’s a tumor.

Marco talked me down from the ledge. By the time I got home from work, I was feeling better. Thought, I’ll go to urgent care tomorrow if my shoulder is still bothering me.

Took it easy on Saturday. The tingling still there. Didn’t have much strength in my left arm.

During the day, we were busy, so I never did make it to Urgent Care. Took a motrin. I probably should have gone, but we had plans for a date night, early dinner. Marco tried to massage the spot on my back/shoulder. I screamed. OUCH!

Ok it’s probably not a heart attack. My back/shoulder hurt like hell though. Carrying almost 40 pound twins will do that.

Got up super early this morning and took the twins to Knotts.

The tingling still in my arm, both hands. and now my legs too.

Surely I’m dying.

I envisioned paramedics having to take me away from the park.

Had some fun taking the twins around Camp Spooky.

Realizing my strength was not what it should be. Am I feeling short of breath? I am, I think. Why am I so clammy?

After we leave, I should definitely go to urgent care.

The twins were having fun, paramedics would ruin this experience.

Soon the twins were cranky and wiped out.

And I was still  feeling all the symptoms. Plus my chest was kind of achy. What if I have a blockage somewhere. Isn’t heart disease the silent killer among women? Oh God, I’m dying, right?

I called my sister as we left the park, she suggested I go directly to the ER and not wait to get into urgent care. She met me there so Marco could take the cranky twins home.

I’m happy to report that the very cute, super nice doctor assured me that I was not dying. He did an EKG to make sure. But he said the symptoms I’m having are typical to panic attacks and anxiety. Also the muscle strain in my back/shoulder area. Am I under stress by any chance?

HA and also, HA HA!

Blood pressure was a little high, but that was likely due to my imagined imminent death.

A little valium and a huge nap, and I’m feeling a little better.

Time to go back to the psych and counseling center.

Anxiety is stupid. But it’s not imaginary and I have to do something about it.

My poor Isa gets it from me.


Photo on 10-6-13 at 8.15 PM
Watching the Dodgers Win with Sarita!

The good thing is, no one is dying.

Follow me to Camp Spooky at Knotts

Disclaimer: GigaSavvy has invited me and my family to experience Camp Spooky at Knott’s Berry Farm. No other compensation has been given. All opinions are my own.

One of my favorite things to do in Southern California is visit Knott’s Berry Farm. The theme park has grown over the years from the early days of my childhood when my grandparents would pick us up and take us there for delicious chicken dinners and a walk through the ghost town.

We’ve been fortunate to visit Camp Spooky over the past couple of years as a family and always have a great time! Halloween fun for the little ones. Making memories that they will carry with them as well.

Twins with Snoopy


Girls at Camp Spooky

Trick or Treat!


This year, I’m especially excited because the twins are a little older and will get to experience it on a different level than when they were babies. I can’t wait for their reactions and see them sing and dance along with the Charlie Brown’s Spooktacular.

Fun at Camp Spooky

Fun at Camp Spooky last year

I’m especially excited about their costumes this year! Check out my Twitter and Instagram feed for our adventures through the park this Sunday.


KB11-069 Camp Spooky Logo

Buena Park, Ca – Weekends in October, Knott’s Berry Farm invites you and your family to join in on the Halloween fun in Camp Spooky. This daytime, non-scare celebration, of cheer rather than fear, is the social event of the season with shows, activities and of course, trick-or-treating all geared for kids ages 3-11.

Kids can take part in “Snoopy’s Costume Contest” and show off their costume as they join the affable group of monsters, and the PEANUTS characters, in a spirited procession through Camp Spooky.

In the Camp Spooky Theatre “Charlie Brown’s Spooktacular Show”, will have you singing and dancing in the aisles to all your favorite Halloween tunes.  Kids of all ages can explore the wacky hijinks of the Monster Factory, a fun interactive maze where the little ones create the things that go bump in the night.

Also included with theme park admission, your little ghost, goblin or monster can fill their complimentary goodie bag with sweet treats given out at the five Trick-or-Treating locations in Camp Spooky. At the “Creepy Crawly Critter Cave” Knott’s park naturalists will amaze with slithery, slimy, creepy, crawly critters.

The whole family will enjoy “Scary Stories at the Lodge” where master story tellers will spin the craziest, creepiest, silliest tales this side of the “Great Pumpkin Patch”. And what goes better with a story than a delicious cookie that you can decorate yourself at the “Kooky Cookie Painting.”(Small fee applies)

Camp Spooky runs weekends October 5-27 and is included with regular park admission.  Knott’s Berry Farm Theme Park operating hours are 10:00 am to 5:30 pm.  For more information on all the exciting things that are going on at Knott’s Berry Farm, call (714) 220-5200 or visit us online at

– KNOTT’S 2013 –