I blame the moon.

It’s been a rough couple of days. Was it the moon that caused it? This bowling ball moon that knocked over all the pins?

It could also be the adorable new four legged addition to the family who can be sneaky and naughty. And will quite rudely give us the finger at our belief that she is potty trained giving the carpet steam cleaner some extra use lately.


The twins have both been extra volatile. And they both had incidents at school of not being respectful of others and being good students. On the one hand, an occasional crossing of the lines isn’t a bad thing. But man, it’s been just extra.

One of the incidents was that Ema was not being very nice to Sara (who was probably bugging her as she does from time to time). I had Ema write an apology note. Her first try at the note said “I’m sorry Sara. You should go now. I don’t need you.”

Needless to say she had to try again.

And the older girls have been riding the emotional roller coaster as well. While I certainly sympathize with the evil that is hormonal fluctuations, I need to impress upon them that they still need to be a participant in their own lives.

I feel like I should both thank my mom and yell at her for not preparing me with all of her wisdom. But to be frank, I think I am pretty much her clone when it comes to how to mom. Was it this hard for her? Ugh. Probably. I’m sure I was the perfect child and caused her no stress whatsoever.

(Is my halo crooked?)

Fly to the moon

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