Friday Footnotes – It’s Dodger Night!

Welcome back to Friday Footnotes.

Time for my weekly post of the stuff going on around Casa La Primera.

Friday Footnotes

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The Dodgers are playing the Mets right now. National League Division Series in effect. Goooo Dodgers!

Gabi cheers on the Dodgers - Friday Footnote

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Sarita has mastered the art of DENY, DENY, DENY. Using her acting skills, she will pretend that it wasn’t her that made a mess (or whatever naughty thing she did). When asked, “what did you do?” Her answer is,, “uh, nuffing.”  

Friday Footnotes - Sara drew in blue marker all over the place.

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A lot of crappy stuff has been going on this week. One thing that I found recently is a new service from Audible called Channels. It has all kind of cool stuff to listen to, stories, news, commentary, history, and more. But the best thing I found was some Relaxation recordings. I listened to them while falling asleep and I feel so much better equipped to handle stress through my day. It’s kind of trippy because it’s hypnosis. So feeling yourself fall into a hypnotic trance is weird. But I feel so much better as far as coping with stress. I’ve slept better and had more energy. Amazing.

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What’s happening in your world? Sound off in the comments. Tell me something good!


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