Friday Footnotes – Sept 11

The Sept 11 edition of Friday Footnotes

Friday Footnote 9-11

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Every year on this day, we honor those who were lost, those who are heroes,  and the spirit of renewal and hope that we will never forget. This year I’m especially thinking of Issa, whose daddy was a first responder and is suffering from the lasting effects on his health. Praying for healing and peace for all of us. And above all, thankful for the America that we can be. 

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My girls finally started school this week. My oldest, Isa (whom I was pregnant with when 9/11 happened), went to 8th grade with a happy and determined outlook. 7th grade was especially rough for her but she’s in a much better place now. We are both very hopeful. Adolescence is no picnic. 

Gabi started 4th grade in a new school. I feel for her because friendship is so important to her and she doesn’t know anyone. But she is probably one of the friendliest kids I know.  Change is tough on anyone and I wish I could spare her of this. I feel for her. But this is one of those life’s lessons better learned early. Before long she will have loads of friends and she’ll be fine.

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One thing that made this week awesome was reconnecting with an old friend from college. I briefly mentioned it in last week’s Footnotes. If you weren’t aware, before Marco and I became a couple in 2009, we were a couple in college a long time ago. In the dark ages of 1991. I was a sorority girl and he was a frat guy. Our circles revolved around each other and it wasn’t long before the attraction between us was undeniable and we were spending every day together. The thing about having a large circle of friends is everyone knows everything. It was all complicated. But Holli was one of the people who was a big time Marco-Lex cheerleader. She was close to both of us and was really there when things were great and when things went south. We’ve both wanted to reconnect for a long time but couldn’t find her. And last week, she crossed my mind again so I went on another internet hunt and I found her! Can’t wait to see her again. 

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This is the best thing I saw all week. Marco and I totally should do this, don’t you agree? 

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“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi

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I’d love to see you comment with something going on with you this week.

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