Friday Footnotes – Sept 4

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Friday Footnotes


I’ve kicked the sinusitis & cough. I think part of it may have been a side effect of my blood pressure meds. So I tried to go off of it for a few days. Sure enough, I can breathe better. Hmmm. I need to just get a hold of my health so that I don’t need to be taking extra meds.

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Had some friends over on Sunday for the MTV Video Awards. But then, someone hurt themselves and we went to the er. I swear these kids need to be bubble wrapped. Everyone will be ok though, thank God. But now we all know the phrase “What’s good?”  MTV is so educational. 



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I’ve been working on a blog post about my experience Panic Attacks. I can only do it a little bit at a time. Because it turns out talking about Panic makes me a bit Panicky. 

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If you’ve been around my blog for a while, you know the story of Marco and me. We dated way back in college and then, thanks to Facebook, we found our way back to each other again. Yesterday we found a friend of ours who was a big Marco-Lex supporter. We are both so excited to be back in touch with her. I’m really hoping she happens to have some old photos of us. Because we don’t. Super sad about that. 

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My friend Pauline wrote a book. I’m super excited for her. Pre-orders are available now! 

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Oh hey, I got a Tumblr. I still don’t get it but I’m there. 

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