The Other Arm

Back from another little blogging break.

And I don’t have the greatest news.

A few weeks ago this happened:

Ema at the doctor

Here’s some stickers sorry you’re at Urgent Care

Which turned to this:

Yup there's the fracture

ouchie right there

And this:

Here's a sling you won't wear

She’s such a trooper

Yup. I win at mom of the year. At least this time it’s just a little fracture and not a full break requiring surgery like last time. She tripped over a pillow and fell on carpet. And broke her elbow. There is no doubt she is my kid.

She was quite a trooper. Like it was old hat for her.

Ema is quite a character though.

The night we went to Urgent Care, she was all super friendly. Saying “Hello Everyone” all around.

Except when the nurse called us back. She either judged on her own or picked up my vibe because I’ve dealt with that nurse before and she is super annoying. When she took us to the exam room, she tried to get Ema to sit up on the exam table, but Ema was not having it. She was on my lap on the chair. Finally she said to the nurse “You can go! You’re fired!”

Isa and I were there cracking up. The nurse didn’t even catch what she said.

Her first round of xrays were not so fun. She handled them as well as she could, with just a little crying. But since she couldn’t pinpoint the exact location of the injury, they had to do her whole arm.

Just a little crack in  her elbow.

But when we went to the orthopedic dr, she was like I got this. When they took that xray, she said Cheese!

She chose a purple cast.

Can I have some ice cream now?

Chilling with her new armor

And on our way out of the building suddenly she raised up her arm and said, “Oh no! not again!”

She totally remembered the first break from last year. Talking about how the dr had told her night night (right as they were putting her out for surgery I assume) and how we spent the night at the hospital and I slept with her in the bed.

That kind of broke my heart because I had thought she wouldn’t remember that.

She’s got a couple more weeks with the cast. The only time she complains is at night. She wants to take it off to go to bed. But otherwise, she kind of likes it.

I’m glad we are on to May. My favorite month. And rising up out of the funk I’ve been in.

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  1. Ewokmama says:

    aw, poor girl! Sounds like she handled it pretty well, though! I’m sure she’ll heal up quickly and forget about it.

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