Be Awesome 2015

Seek excellence in everything you do.

Be Awesome

When I set out to make a New Year’s resolution, I had one thought. BE AWESOME.

There have been many times where I could kick myself for failing to be awesome at something. For half-assing it. It’s easy to get into the bad habit of half-assing things when you become overwhelmed with life.

Actually, sometimes that’s ok. Because when I’m super busy juggling the working mom wife life, and there are so many balls in the air, half-assing IS the excellence you can do. The laundry piles up, the dishes don’t get washed, the meal comes from take-out, because all you can manage that day is cuddling your kids and reading a book.

But it’s too easy for me to slide from prioritizing those cuddles and fun things to totally ignoring all the other things. And that’s not awesome.

I’m also easily overwhelmed by things and worry about screwing up or doing things right that I am super great at procrastinating. Which is also not awesome.

Have I mentioned my Anxiety diagnosis? Meds are helpful. But they don’t work alone.

So, I’m taking steps to help me go for it.

First of all, I bought a new planner. When my smartphone became my bff, I ditched the old school paper Franklin planner I used to use. And google calendar helped that. But having a simple weekly planner will help keep me on track because I can keep it open at work to remind me that I’ve got shit to do! And be awesome at! Also, physically writing things down and crossing them off helps me to focus my head on the work instead of all the balls in the air. It sets them up so my brain can see them.

The other thing is I’m going to try an online To Do List manager. So, far I’m using todoist. This would be awesome if my work email allowed plugins but they don’t. But I can still use a web format. I also keep track of work things on a spreadsheet so I don’t lose track of things. This is my biggest challenge is letting things fall through the cracks. Again, when I get overwhelmed, I tend to stop updating to do lists and spreadsheets but they work. So, to Be Awesome, I need to keep it up.

I had a physical last month. And I’m reminded that I have been less than awesome at being healthy. So, whatever I do, I need to do better. So, I’m doing these three things: Drink more water and take my meds, Make appointments with myself to move my body, Be mindful of my food choices. Nothing too drastic so that I’m set up to fail. This is about the long haul.

The one area I really try to dedicate awesomeness to is my relationships. With my husband, my kids, and my friends. Being thankful for them and giving them attention is how I’m awesome. Not to say I don’t fail ever, but talking things out and an apology goes a long way. As well as focusing on those that I hold close.

Finally, I will celebrate. Because taking time to laugh, dance, party, hug, and be joyous is the best part of Being Awesome.

Callie Be Awesome


Oh, and one more thing, if at any time I’m not feeling like I’m being so awesome, I will give myself a break. Taking care of me is also being awesome.


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