The man I love

1. He loves me in a perfect way. Not the kind of love that is disgustingly mushy, but perfectly mushy. I never feel unloved.

2. When we were 20 years old, we had our first kiss. Under the starlit sky outside the Desmond Dorm at LMU. It was always the most memorable first kiss I ever had. Fireworks. 20 years later, when we kissed again outside of Starbucks in the Marina, it was just like the first time. Fireworks.

3. Before we became a “thing” back in college, Marco was my friend. My confidant. But he was falling for me fast. For Christmas that year, I thought he might get me something sweet and romantic. And I was kind of afraid because at that time I had a different boyfriend. He did give me a great gift. A vacuum cleaner. Because I mentioned that I needed one for my college apartment. I used that vacuum cleaner for years. It was pretty romantic in hindsight.

4. He loves sushi. I do not. But we make it work. Tempura is awesome.

5. He also loves peanut butter. I like it. But he looooves it.

6. There was a day where I was hanging out in his dorm room. His mom called him and he talked to her and made me say hi to her. And then he told her that some day he was going to marry me. Turns out he was right. It just took a detour.

7. He used to make me mixed tapes. I still have one that he gave me from 1991.

8. I can take him anywhere. He’s comfortable around my friends and they love him. It was that way in college and it’s that way now.

9. I loved him already so much. But seeing him love our girls, the ones I already had, and the way he fathered our tiny babies while they were still in the womb, I know how blessed I am to have him. I never had to ask him to be a parent. He just is.

10. He’s supportive in everything I try to do. From my career, to my writing, to just being me. I know I can always have him in my corner.

11. Today is his birthday. Happy birthday Marco! I love you so much. I hope this made you smile.

p.s. I intended this list to be longer, but I might have had a little too much to drink and I’m afraid of what I might reveal if I keep typing. ❤

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