Vote! Election Day is November 4

Tomorrow is the big day.
Ok, so it might not be the Big Day that is the years of Presidential Elections, but I’ve come to know that the Midterm Elections are just as big of a deal. Because it matters. All of it.
This summer, I took part in several conference sessions at BlogHer14 in the California Women Lead’s suite. One of the many things I learned is that only 28% of all the City Council offices in the state are held by women. This is not the time for women to be underrepresented. When our rights are being threatened and our salaries continue to stagger behind those of men.
And, at this point in my life, I’m not ready to run for office, but the one thing I can do is Vote. It’s not just to vote for my own beliefs or my own interests. But I carry the future of my daughters with me when I step into the voting booth.
my girls
Voter turnout is historically abysmal during the midterm elections. But often, it’s these elections that create change in local, state, and nationwide laws and offices.
A big one for me this year is Prop 46. I wrote over on MomsLA about all of the reasons I’m voting No on 46. It jeopardizes the health care of families and I hope it fails.  If you’re in California, please join me in voting No.
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