Saving Money – Easy for you to say

If you’ve been around here  a long time, you will know that I’m not the best with the budgeting. But I really need to improve that more than ever.
Backstory: the ex and I agreed to child support back when we first drew up the papers. And he hasn’t kept up his end of the bargain. And lately, not even half of his end. It’s a long, stupid story, and probably won’t get better soon.
Saving Money

pennies at a time

We’d like to save up for some more important things than getting rid of all of our money every month. So, here are some things we are doing:
1. No more drive thru. Fast food is available aplenty around here. And it’s super easy to grab breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack etc. Not only is this an easy money grabber, it isn’t the healthiest.
2. Take my lunch to work. Like #1, I spend too much money by grabbing lunch every single day when if I just took the time and effort to throw leftovers in a container and a piece of fruit, not only would the money be saved but most likely calories.
3. If we spend money going out for food, it’s going to be worth it. For special occasion or at least for a place that has enjoyable and tasty food.
4. Make grocery lists. And eat before shopping. By doing this I am less likely to throw random items into the cart because either I’m hungry or I don’t know what we really need. Thanks to Emmie, I’m trying groceryIQ to help this along. Also, Fresh & Easy app because good prices, good food.
5. Make lists for Target too. Because when I go there for specific items, a $30 trip can easily turn into a $130 trip. Too easily.
6. Put $ in a saving account every paycheck. So that we can plan vacations and stuff like that. And if I get it done through payroll, I won’t miss it.
7. Only get cash from my bank atms. Because those fees add up.
8. Give myself a starbucks allowance. And not reload the card until the next month. Once I’m out, too bad Lex.
9. Cook extra on the weekends so leftovers last for a few lunches or maybe a dinner.
10. Apply for that promotion. Did that already, we’ll see what happens.
Hopefully, for the first time, we will have a cushion within a few months.
What about you? What are your saving tips?

photo credit: 401(K) 2013 via photopin cc

Disclaimer: Nothing to report. Links are here just for reference. This post brought to you by yours truly. 

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  1. mel says:

    same. I’m all over it, especially the Starbucks allowance and bringing lunch.

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