Friday Fragments – 8.29.14


Half-Past Kissin' Time

After talking to some awesome friends, I did a little reading and think I need to give probiotics a try for both me and Isa. We both have allergy issues and digestive issues and I hear this could help a lot. I’ll report back. If you’ve had experience with these, please, share your thoughts.


School started this week for Gabi. She’s been so worried about 3rd grade. But she got a really good teacher, so I’m hopeful. I’ll have to spend more time this year helping her with her homework. And God help us with this common core crap. Hoping another year of speech therapy will finally get the R’s right for her.


Isa starts at a new middle school next week. Sixth grade was really hard for her. But we’ve spent a lot of time working with her doctors to get a hold of her anxiety, eczema, and allergies. Not missing as much school will be key. Plus getting an IEP or 504 plan is in the works. A smaller school with less students and hopefully less social distraction. She says she’s going to be Spencer (We binge watched Pretty Little Liars recently) this year, and hit the books hard!


Speaking of binge watching, it’s been a summer of shows around here. House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, Lost Girl and I can’t recall what else. I love a good story and binge watching is the best because no waiting for the next episode! well, until you reach the end of the ones they’ve aired anyway. Any other favorites I should know about?


Today I had lunch with my sister and her man. He has a brand new smartphone but hasn’t downloaded apps because he doesn’t want it cluttered? WHAT? who does that? I don’t get him. Apps are my crack man.


I’ve also done a lot of reading. Fault in Our Stars, This is Where I Leave You, something, and um… the Flowers In the Attic series. I read them all in the 8th grade. For a while VC Andrews was my favorite! Now, I think that is really twisted. wow.

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