Friday Five – May 9

1. Ok, so I missed yesterday. I took my birthday off of my post a day in May series. That’s ok. I forgive myself. I was busy celebrating and eating cake.
2. I’m getting a surprise gift. Sometimes the Universe answers you when you least expect it. Since we found out we were having twins, Marco and I had to get rid of our little cars and get the minivan. We’ve been a one car family and it has been hard. Well, today, Marco worked it out with a friend and we are finally buying a second car. We are picking it up tomorrow. I’ll miss having Marco chauffeur me around. But it will be a relief on managing our day to day lives.

3. I’ve been at this blogging thing forever!!! I was just reminded by Nance just how time has flown. Back in the day, these things were called online journals. And there weren’t any comments. Or sponsored posts. And I was coding every entry with my little html skills. I love it!

4. I saw my crazy doc today. We decided that I’ll continue on the dose of the happy pills I’m on. I think I’ve gotten past the adjustment period and am looking forward to not dealing with the highs and lows anymore. And putting worry where it belongs. Worrying is a damn thief if you let it.

5. For the past year, I’ve been working in two different offices doing multiple duties. As of next week, I get to just do my main job and that will also be a big relief to my stress. However, I will miss all my people at the beach office. They’re my familia.

That’s all folks! Time for bed!

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  1. Nance says:

    I get a mention – Whee!!!

    Meanwhile, I forgot all about Friday Fives. You make me “almost” miss online journaling.

    Happy Late Birthday (you know how I am, sigh)!

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