Knott’s All Year Long

If you’ve hung around my blog and seen me on instagram and twitter, you’ve seen how my love for Knott’s Berry Farm has grown.

Lex and Miss at Knotts

I still remember being a little kid and Knott’s was a small amusement park with an Old West theme. As I grew, so did Knott’s! Adding roller coasters, shows, Camp Snoopy, and more! All this time, I’ve never been to Knott’s Soak City, the water park.

Twins with Snoopy


If I’m truthful, I’m a little nervous about going for the first time. Opening day is May 17th and I’ll be there along with my big girls. They are so excited, so I’m not going to let my fears of being not so bikini ready (ha! there’s no such thing, Lex!) and I’m going to have a blast!

log ride9

It’s pretty easy to get a Knott’s pass or plan a Knott’s vacation. They offer easy pay programs and everything!

Knott’s Gold Season Pass, which includes both parks

Knott’s Hotel Vacation Easy Paying Program, you can plan your stay and make payments before you go.


Knott’s Soak City offers its own pass and loads of summer fun.

And of course, I plan on finishing the day with some famous fried chicken and biscuits with boysenberry jam.

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