She’s almost grown, by looking at her. Taller than many of her friends. She could pass for much older. But she’s still my little girl and that’s hard to remember.

Just like me, she feels all of her emotions in a big way. And she can never hide her feelings either. She gets frustrated or mad and man if looks could kill. I know she’s got strength and a great heart. But of course I worry about her.

Middle school hasn’t been easy for her. Allergies and eczema going haywire. Missing a lot of school. And she’s dealing with all the social drama that comes with this age. Boys. Mean girls. God, I don’t envy her going through middle school. When I was in 6th grade, I was still in elementary. I think that would have been better for her.

I try to put myself in her shoes. I try not to get too frustrated. Or be hard on myself for not being the perfect mom. But really, who is?


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