Where Was I

Oh hi. Here I am.

My blog was *poof* gone. But I’m back now. A little bit of administrative oopsies.

So it’s been a while. I have a post in the wings that will go up very soon. But for now I thought I’d play a little catch up.

I’m still working on that “lifestyle change.” But on the bright side, I’m managing my anxiety a lot better.

I stopped going to individual counseling because I really wasn’t getting a whole lot out of it and I was anxious about missing work to go to the appointments. So, that was kind of missing the point. I may start the group therapy class.

Or not.

I haven’t decided yet.

What will really help is if I actually commit to move my ass and relieve anxiety with physical activity. I can do that. I really need to do that.

It won’t hurt the physical health or the waistline either.

Lucky (or not so lucky depending on how you look at it) for us Southern California people, the weather has been mild or even hot during this “winter.” So I really have no excuse for being a couch potato. I just hope we don’t end up fighting each other for water and food because of this awful drought.

This past weekend my first baby turned 12 years old. It’s been a rough year. Especially since starting 6th grade. A lot of changes and turmoil physically and mentally. But amazingly, we are closer than ever. I love that she talks to me about everything. She’s a great kid.

My in-laws were in town over the weekend. And we had a nice celebration. I love when they visit because the babies get so happy to see their Tata and Abuelita and uncles. And Marco gets a boost of happy from being with his family. They’re pretty awesome. I got really lucky in the in-law draw.

In a couple of weeks, we’ll complete Isa’s birthday celebration with a trip to Disneyland. We are all looking forward to that. Gabi gets a little jealous when she’s not the center of attention, but I’m sure a trip to Disneyland, even if it is for her sister, will bring a smile to her face.

Last night, I had to update the twins’ audition photo. And I realized that we had no good picture of the two of them that could be used for this purpose. So we had to scramble to get one taken. Getting them to stand or sit side by side, both of them looking at the camera proved to be nearly impossible. After an hour of trying, we finally got a usable one. One out of at least 100 shots. Here’s my favorite outake. They were giggling like crazy in this one.


You're so funny! No, you are!
You’re so funny! No, you are!

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