So Seven

Seven is the age of Kidhood. Where the traces of little girl are fading. The baby teeth smile is a thing of the past. And the time has come where she wants to do and say things that are classified as Big Kid.

She sings along to songs on the radio, the lyrics flying out of her mouth that she hs no connection to their actual meaning.

Turn it back, Dad, that’s my song!

“And all the other boys,
Try to chase me,
But here’s my number,
So call me, maybe?”

Gabi at school

She talks about boys at school in terms of which one is her crush and which one has a crush on her.

She picks out what she wants to wear and tells me that she won’t wear that one dress because it’s too babyish.

She says, oh I’ll do my makeup in the car, as she rushes out the door holding her lipgloss.

She selects her meal and places the order with the waiter herself with a big proud smile.

Little Gabi

Wasn’t she just this little yesterday?

She still says her R’s like W’s but she’s trying hard to fix that. And though I know she needs to speak correctly, I’m going to miss the days when she would say Best Day Evuh!

She’s the middle kid and is trying so hard to be grown like her big sister but still wants to be babied like the twins.

Gabi birthday

With her new friend “Cutie Panda”

Today, for her birthday we had a Mommy – Gabi day. I took her to the mall to Build-A-Bear and then to lunch at BJ’s.

Gabi birthday lunch

We shared her birthday pazookie

At dinner, my family came over and we had pizza and cake. Just as she wanted.

Gabi's birthday cake

Homemade chocolate – chocolate chip with cream cheese frosting

Before bed, she said she had the best day and her favorite part was the time she spent with me.


I’m so proud and amazed by my Gabi. My spunky kid.


We are still going to have a party with her friends in a few weeks. But today was just about her.

Lex and Gabi

She wore the hugest smile and I was so glad I took the day off of work to spend with her.

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