With the Familia

I took a few days off from writing to decompress. And drink some wine. And spend some time with family.

We spent the weekend in a town north of LA, where the heat was blazing and family was gathering to witness the wedding of my dad’s youngest brother and his now wife. They’ve been together a long time, with a family of three kids and a couple of dogs. And as life happens, they finally tied the knot.

While I wasn’t exactly bursting to attend an outdoor wedding in the middle of a heat wave, I was happy to see my familia. My girls had a great time with their cousins. And I was glad to see my grandma smiling so much.

That evening I posted to facebook –

It used to be I’d go to a family wedding, dance all night and come home late and pass out. Now I go to a family wedding, barely get to say more than hi to people, chase babies around the whole time and come home early and pass out. Still a great time and so happy for (the happy couple).

I saw cousins I barely get to see. But hardly got to say more than hi and goodbye. I didn’t take any pictures. Ema and Sarita ran us ragged. As they usually are, they were running full steam ahead running all over the yard, around tables and chairs. And did I mention it was H O T?

The older girls also ran around having fun. But they had one rule. Stay where we can see you.

Some of the kids were free to run out to the front yard and who knows where. And, honestly, when I was a kid I did the same thing at family functions. But that was then. And I don’t care if some thought I was being too overprotective. Those are my kids and I decide what I’m comfortable with. And that’s that.

The next day, we spent the day at my grandma’s house and more fun was had. I got to actually talk to my cousins and watch the twins play in a more intimate setting. Four of my cousins also have toddlers.

We got to take photos with my grandma and all of her kids. And then with almost all of the grandkids and great-grandkids. It was pretty awesome. I only wish my grandpa was still there with us.

Grandma, 6 kids, and many grandkids & great-grandkids (and a few spouses)

Grandma, 6 kids, and many grandkids & great-grandkids (and a few spouses)

By the time we all got home, we were exhausted. Especially Marco who did all the driving. The girls all had a great time. Even the twins who asked for their “friends” after we got home. They enjoyed playing with their cousins too.

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  1. jo says:

    Hi Lexi!
    It was great to meet you at Johnny’s wedding!
    And, now I’m going to follow your blog!

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