One of my friends from college grew up and became an acupuncturist. He’s been posting all over facebook how helpful it can be for just about everything that ails you.

And I’m seriously considering it.

If I would have heard myself say that about 10 years ago, I would have thought I was completely crazy.

A bunch of needles all over my body, what, are you nuts?

But fast forward to present day, and I’m all hmmmm.

Trickling Stream

I could use some Zen

Anxiety? check.

Blood pressure? check.

Sleep loss? check.

Weight management? check.

Focus and concentration? check.

It’s all looking quite attractive.

Have you done it? Would you go to a friend for it?

The first appointment is free. I’m not sure what the cost is after that. I know my health insurance does cover it but I’m not sure if they let you go anywhere. I need to look into the details, obviously.

But it certainly is intriguing.


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