Dentist Phobia

So, remember when I mentioned a that I might probably have an abscess in the way back corner of my mouth? *gasp*

I finally went to the dentist today. And I was so nervous and scared.

A new dentist that I had never been to before.

Let’s go back in Lex time and talk about dentists.

I’ve had a dentist phobia since I was a kid and the dentist left me sitting there forever in kid perception with that sucker thing hanging in my mouth for ages while he went to talk on the phone. By the time he came back my heart was pounding and I was in a cold sweat. I hated him after that. For a little kid, hate is a tough emotion.

As an adult, finding a dentist was kind of like dating for me. I had to find The One or it just wasn’t happening. So, to find The One, I could never just go to a dentist by picking one out of a dental plan book. If I could, I’d still be going to the dentist I had in high school. But he retired and sold his practice.

His replacement dentist was a little too good looking and oozed sex appeal. Do you know how hard that is when you are high on nitrus oxide and you have Dr. Ricardo straight out of a Mexican novela close to your face? And who, after pulling your wisdom teeth, called you personally to see if you were ok? High on vicodin answering the phone, I was all He Called! Like a damn school girl. We ended up breaking up because I couldn’t stand his office staff. Some of the orignal staff had quit and the new ones were annoying. And I overheard them bitching about how he was super high maintenance and kind of douchey. Buzzkill.

Around that time, a man I supervised at work had a son who was a dentist. So I decided to try him. Though he was just as charismatic as Dr. Ricardo, he was not as sexy. So, perfect, right? But, after a year, he left the practice and moved too far away for me to follow. I was left with his replacement, Dr. Defazio. Seriously, like Laverne. He was ok. A little rough though and I wasn’t liking that. But I left there in good shape with all those yucky metal fillings gone and white pretty ones in their place.

I moved north and it was just too far to visit Dr. Defazio anymore, so I found Dr. Dude. He was COOL. His office was state of the art fancy. And now that I think about it, he probably overcharged. But how exactly do you price compare? He was originally part of the dental insurance group but then he changed and I ended up paying PPO prices to continue going to him.

After my divorce and I became beach bound, I was without a dentist. I wasn’t about to drive an hour to see Dr. Cool. And I just never got around to finding a new one. Like dating, there comes a time where you just don’t want to look anymore. It was just one of those things that fell to the back burner.  I’d think, Oh, I should probably find a dentist. I’ll look around next week. And just never did.

My girls were with a local pediatric dentist for a while. But we are so done with them!

I’m happy to tell you that I found a new dentist! And I LOVE HER!

Marco went to her first when he had an emergent tooth issue a couple months ago.

And today, I finally met her. She’s nice. Gentle. Doesn’t hurt. She’s got the state of the art equipment but the office has a homey feel to it. She kind of reminds me of Barrack Obama. She’s got a great smile and a friendly nature. And when she was done with me, I felt like hugging her. I didn’t though, because maybe that’s too awkward for a first dentist date.

Great news is, all I needed was some deep cleaning. No cavities!!! And she will see the girls because she’s a family dentist. And I’m confident they will have a much better experience there than the Torture Land that they call the last dentist.

Don’t ignore your teeth and gums, my friends.


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