Another Perfect Day at Dodger Stadium

What are you going to post about?

I don’t know! Aaah!

Oooh.. you’re going to break your streak!

No! No I’m not!

So I am here posting to tell you that I’m not going to break it!

Go Dodgers!

Dodger Rookie, Puig At Bat

We just got home from the Dodger game about an hour ago.

My parents and my sister teamed up to visit with and babysit the twins, while the older girls and Marco and I lived it up at the Dodger game.

An hour of catching up, hearing all the funny things the twins did while we were gone, and saying, Ok, I’ve got to go to bed now, for the tenth time, I finally made it over here to my bedroom.

With Sarita spread out in the center of our bed. Ema happily sleeping in her crib. A few minutes later, and Marco is out. Here I am at my laptop, not breaking my posting streak.

We had a great time. Gabi, especially had the time of her life!

I grew up a Dodger girl. And I love being able to pass that on to my girls. When I was a little kid, my dad used to pick us up from school for a “dentist appointment” and we’d end up at Chavez Ravine, cheering for Steve Garvey, Steve Yeager, Davey Lopes, Ron Cey and the rest of the Dodger crew. My dad’s the best! He even did that on Opening Day one year. Usually my mom came too, but every once in a while it was just dad and us girls and then my brother too when he came along.

Go Dodgers!

We love it!

Tears sprung to my eyes a few times. Don Sutton was honored with Bobblehead night. His speech was so touching as he humbly wiped tears from his own eyes. And then in the bottom of the 8th inning Puig hit his first Dodger Grand Slam. It was just amazing! A perfect night.

Best of all was having fun and seeing my girls have a blast. I love it!

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  1. Miss says:

    Our history is so rich and its an honor to pass our love for our team on to our kids! Go Dodgers!

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