In the month of May

My observations from this Post A Day In May adventure:


I really missed blogging on a more regular basis. I really enjoy having daily posts on my page and words coming out of my head.

People don’t comment as much as they used to. But I know you’re out there, lurkers!

I need more sleep than I think I do.

I’m still too chicken to link to my blog on my personal facebook page.

I can have a birthday and still forget my age. I always have to do the math in my head to figure out how old I am.

Chocolate Cupcake, of course

Happy Birthday to Me!

There can never be enough cake.

Or popcorn.

I can do magic in my kitchen. And so can my honey.

peach crepes

Peach Crepes – made by Marco

peach waffles

Waffles covered in cinnamon peaches


Having a date night with Marco is quite possibly the best thing we could for our marriage. This has to be done on a more regular basis. It’s not about whether we love each other. It’s about getting out of our mommy and daddy roles that we live in 99% of the time.

Date night

We had fun! Can you tell?

There’s nothing like live music to stir up the soul. I still love concerts as much as I did in the 80’s.


Juanes – Loud and Unplugged

The only way to get more organized and get shit done is to dig in and do it. I’ve been doing two jobs at work, filling in for a vacancy. If only it came with the extra pay! With more to do at two different offices, I have to be a better juggler. Juggling work and life and parenting… balls are bound to drop. That’s just how it is.

Looking for helpers is a powerful message. Being a helper would be even better. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Everyone can be a helper every day in small ways too.

Spending one on one time with each of my girls is difficult to do. But it’s important.

Getting out of my comfort zone is a great thing. It doesn’t have to be scary. And the rewards are great.

June starts tomorrow! Who’s with me?

NaBloPoMo June 2013

You can sign up through June 5th

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  1. Miss says:

    Go girl!! You’re inspiring!!

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