Blogging Daily? What was I thinking?

When I set out to write every day for a month, it was really on a whim, to be honest.

I had no plan whatsoever to make that announcement.

I had my blog window open, and before I knew what I was saying the words were on the screen.

Ok, then, I said to myself, I guess I’ll do it.

But I didn’t think I’d really do it.

blogging in the dark

Blogging in the dark

I’ve tried this blog every day business before and never made it.

But here I am. Tomorrow will be the last blog post.

And I’m actually considering continuing through June!

The one thing I need to do differently though, is change my routine.

I’ve been blogging every day at the end of the day. When everyone has gone to sleep. In the dark of my bedroom.

Often giving up sleep to finish.

That’s not good for my productivity during the day.

So, if I do this, I need to figure out how to allot myself writing time at a reasonable hour.

Because I am very close to falling asleep on this keyboard right now.

Goodnight dear readers. Thanks for following along on this crazy idea of mine.


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