Now before you get all crazy, let me just tell you right now, no I’m not pregnant. I’m not crazy!

However, a few people close to me are pregnant. Today, one of my friends at work was living the not so pleasant part of her pregnancy… morning sickness happening in the middle of the afternoon. Oh how I remember that well. Follow me down my memory lane…

When I was pregnant with Isa, I never had the puking kind of morning sickness. Just a feeling of asco (a Spanish word for disgust/yucky/gross feeling that better describes what I’m trying to say) that lasted pretty much all day long. I did start to feel a lot better after the second trimester though. I craved steak and watermelon and would spend a lot of lunches at the Sizzler so I could satisfy both of these cravings quite easily. I also had a complete aversion of chicken. I couldn’t even look at chicken. I generally loved being pregnant with her and I was terrified of giving birth. I distinctly remember asking, do I really need to let her come out? I had a pretty easy pregnancy. It was a long and painful labor, visits to the hospital and then being sent back home (“you’re not in enough pain yet, dear, we can’t admit you quite yet…” that nurse is lucky I didn’t deck her!) It took nearly 2 hours of pushing to get her sunny side up baby out. Her conehead didn’t last for long. She was perfect and she was a very easy baby to take care of. Hard to believe that baby is now almost as tall as I am.

When I was pregnant with Gabi, I was sick pretty much the first six months. I couldn’t use more than a dot of toothpaste or I’d be gagging. When the nausea finally went away, it gave way to constant heartburn. That was awful. With Gabi I craved strawberry milk shakes and grilled cheese sandwiches. When I went into labor, I knew exactly how my body was feeling and when to leave for the hospital. The doctor tried to tell me he didn’t think I was in full labor yet because again I didn’t “look” it. I told him, too bad, I’m not leaving this hospital or else I’m going to wind up on the side of the road delivering in my car. Sure enough, I was right and he was surprised to see the peaks of my contractions on the tape that printed out of the monitor. Within hours, Gabi was flying out of me. She had swallowed some merconium and had a little trouble breathing at first. But the nurses were so busy fawning over her dimples that the pediatrician had to tell them, ok, let’s get her breathing first. She spent a few hours in the NICU getting some oxygen.

Twins are in there!

At about 25 weeks with the twins!

With the twins, I was 40 years old and carrying two babies was not easy. In comparison to my other pregnancies, I felt like I was hit by a truck. All I could do was sleep at every free moment possible. Thank God I had Marco to take care of me and take care of the big girls. I had heartburn all the time. Occasional morning sickness. And I was huge! I craved bean and cheese burritos from a local Mexican joint and in-n-out cheeseburgers and shakes. I had high blood pressure and was on modified bedrest at 20 weeks. I was scheduled for a c-section at 38 weeks, but the twins had other plans. I had contractions at around 30 weeks and was put on medication to keep them under control. At just over 34 weeks, those contractions didn’t go away and I was admitted into Labor and Delivery. After an agonizing 3 days, my doctor decided it was time! I cried when Marco brought them to me so I could see them. I knew right away who was who. Ema was Twin A, the one who was a little smaller and made room for herself in my womb wherever she could. Sara was Twin B, the womb hog, taking up the upper part right under my ribs. They both spent time in the NICU and I put aside my fears and worry and just got through it. They were so tiny compared to my other two. Looking at them now, it seems unbelievable how fragile they seemed.

They fit right on my chest

so tiny

I loved being pregnant. If I was younger, I might do it again. But I’m content with my girls. And I have plenty of loved ones around me with babies on the way if I want a dose of infant.

It happens that May is Pregnancy Awareness Month. I didn’t even realize that until recently. Are you or is anyone close to you expecting?

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