She’s Going to Love It But Will I?

Around here, fifth grade is the last of elementary school. In a few weeks, she’ll be saying goodbye to recess and the familiar classrooms. It’s off to middle school next year.

A rite of passage for fifth graders includes an educational trip away. And I can hardly stand it. Do I have to let her go?

Gabi is so sad. She’s going to miss her sister. They’ve never spent more than one night apart ever. And even that has been only a couple times.

Isa’s all packed. Sleeping bag ready to go.

Can' t she stay this little?

My baby

She’ll always be my baby.

Did you pack Polo? (her teddy bear that Marco gave her)

No, mom. It’s ok, I’m growing up.


Mom, will you sing Jesus Loves Me?

I tried with all my might to get through a few rounds of the song without my voice cracking.

I sang to her, just like I used to when she was so little.

Goodnight, Mom. I love you.

The tears. If I let them come, I may cry all night.

I know she’s going to have a blast. But this week can’t go fast enough.

Excuse me. I need a tissue.


Little Isa 2

When she still needed teddy bears.

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  1. Ewokmama says:

    That’s so tough! We had talked about sending Jack to camp for a week this summer but he didn’t want to be away from us. That’s just fine by me! These kids are growing up too quickly!

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