Sunday Stream of Consciousness

Borrowing a blogging tool of Katie’s, I’m just brain dumping today.

It was so great to have a night out last night with Marco. We seriously needed it. And what a better way to spend it than with music. I forgot how much I love going to concerts. It was our first one together, and I am sure we will have many more. We kept looking at each other and saying, “this is awesome!” There’s just something about live music. Such passion. It was an amazing feeling.

Speaking of awesome, yesterday was Be Awesome day. Something started a few months ago to bring joy surrounding Dawn and her family. And something that is sure to continues. What a great way to really kick life in the ass and appreciate it.

Today we took the big girls to their bio-dad’s house. Their other little sister was having a birthday party so they went, even though it wasn’t their weekend with him. I’m not exactly eager to bend over backwards for the guy, but they wanted to be there.

Instead of coming straight home, we took the twins to the park. It was great to be there, pushing them on the swing and seeing them run around and climbing up on the play structures and going down the slide. No longer do they depend on us as much. They want to run free and check everything out themselves. They don’t get scared of going up the stairs, but quickly scramble up before we know it. Such a difference than last summer. I really noticed it today. But one thing that didn’t change, the crying when it was time to go.

Between going out last night and getting up early this morning, and then chasing the twins at the park, we were wiped out. Family naptime was in order. Unfortunately, Ema somehow got a second wind and never did fall asleep. By the time it was time for bed tonight, she was beyond tired and delirious. Going without a nap makes Ema extremely grumpy.

The girls came home around 9:00. So we’re all back under one roof again. I always miss them so much when they’re gone.

Tomorrow, hopefully we can do something fun. But in order to that, I need my sleep. So good night!

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