Ouch! What’s that?

I’ve been having a headache over the last few days.

I chalked it up to sinuses. Mostly on the right side of my face. Rubbing my forehead seemed to help a little.

I’d be going about my day with this dull pain, cursing at myself for forgetting my allergy med dose yet again.

Yesterday, I thought, hmmm. maybe it’s my tooth. 

I ran my tongue around there, thinking I might feel a cracked filling or something.

Nope. Same as always.

And then today, I started to feel a throb in the right corner of my jaw.

And discovered in the deepest upper corner of my mouth a small abscess on the top part of my gum.


So, tomorrow morning, I’m calling the dentist. And I’ll be crossing my fingers that it doesn’t mean anything too horrible.

And please don’t tell me that happened to you once and you had to have a root canal.

Because mama doesn’t have time for that!

And with that, my medicated self is out for the night.

Be awesome, friends.

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