Lex in the City

Today I got the chance to explore a little of Los Angeles while I was on my lunch break.

Los Angeles

LA can be gorgeous

It was a beautiful day.

I found my way to the Central Library. That place is amazing. I should make my way there more often. It’s a shame that I’d never been there before.

World Peace Bell

“… a lasting tribute to the commitment of world peace and international understanding.” -publicartinla.com



I always did love a library

What amazes me most about the city, is the people. I walked by folks from every walk of life today. Wondering what brought them to LA. What their day was like. From the busy man in the business suit, was he late for an important meeting? To the young girl with a khaki backpack and smoking a cigarette, did she run away from home? To the woman shaking her head, muttering to herself but stopped to wave at me, did she have a place to sleep at night?


Perfect for people watching.


“Power concedes nothing without demand. It never has. It never will.” – Frederick Douglass

This city is always moving. Always changing. Tonight a new mayor is being elected. What changes will he or she bring?

City Hall

The last mayor brought those green bike lanes.

I hope to spend more time exploring new places. Visiting familiar ones.

LA’s the place to be. I’m glad I paid attention today.

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  1. mel says:

    We just got bike lanes too. Do you have those rent a bike stands where you can pick up a bike and drive it and drop it at any other stand using your bank card?

    If not, get on that. That business is booming.

  2. I love the Central Library so much I got married there on the Plaza! Nice photos!

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