Wide Awake – Brain dump

Sleep evades me. Tomorrow I will be exhausted if I don’t get to sleep soon.

We have a busy week ahead.

The girls are closing in to the end of school year with homework getting crazier. Open house is this week. The book fair. Packed into 4 days because there’s no school on Friday. I wish we could take a trip. But it’s just not in the budget.

I can’t believe we are already at the end of May. Isa had her last spring soccer game yesterday and end of year pizza party. It was kind of anticlimactic. The other team didn’t show for the game, so the girls won by forfeit. I also got both Isa and Gabi all signed up for next fall. And they each get a free ticket to an LA Galaxy home game, so that will be fun for them. It will be crazy with both of them having practices and games, but that’s the deal with kids. Next year we will add the twins to the mix. We’re going to need some major organizing.

Gabi wants to participate in drama again too. And Isa will do girl scouts.

I updated all of the end of year activities to my google calendar. Between my calendar, the kids, and work, I’ve got a rainbow of colors going on. Birthday parties. School activities. Work meetings. Blogging stuff.

Trying to find dates to celebrate Gabi’s birthday and to have Isa’s long overdue slumber party.

And somewhere in the next month, getting a night out with Marco.

We haven’t done that enough lately. We’re supposed to be newlyweds! Hahaha!

Today, I saw an ad for Sprint. Unlimited.

It got me thinking. How would my life look if I lived an Unlimited life.

There’s always too much of Can’t, Not now, Maybe later…. 

What could we do to move more toward Yes, We will, Anything is possible…


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