Friday Fragments – May 17

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Today Isa had her Girl Scouts bridging ceremony moving from Junior to Cadette. Some of the troop had gone to a mass bridging ceremony across the Golden Gate bridge last week, but Isa was with the group that did it here locally. It brought me back to my sorority days, with candles and white linens.

So delicious!

Before the frosting

I baked chocolate cupcakes for the occasion. I’m baking again at some point this weekend. I have a bunch of fresh lemons beging to be made into lemon bars or something.

After the ceremony the girls watched a movie on a huge backyard movie screen. I totally want one for our house!

I bought the twins a new potty today. So we now have the kind for the big toilet. And the separate chair. These girls are getting out of diapers soon, so help me.

Tomorrow is Isa’s last spring soccer game. Next fall, Gabi is going to play too. The twins can start to play when they’re 3. Apparently, I don’t think we are busy enough.

How about that Grey’s Anatomy finale? I was not expecting that to happen. It’s going to be a long wait until fall season!

I decided to try a new red lipstick today. (Elf Matte Lip Color in Rich Red.) Instagram gave it a thumbs up.

Ema saw me with it on, looked at me weird and said “Lips! Lips!” (sounds like Wips!)

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Red lipstick? Trying it out. Hmmm. Not sure.

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