Planning her life for her

Isa loves doing this!

Making a dress for with her girl scout troop

Well, I’m going to go to Fashion Design School, anyway.

What? Since, when?

Since I decided.

What happened to wanting to be an animator?

Mom, I was 7.

You were pretty sure abou it.

I changed my mind. 

Since when?

Since I started liking sewing. I decided to become a Fashion Designer.


So, I have to go to Fashion Design school…. instead of LMU


How does this happen?

You have a baby. You hold her in your arms. And you plan her life out for her in those first few moments.

And along the way, the baby grows into a child. And the child gets exposed to life. And learns what she likes. And what she wants.

And poof.

There goes your vision.

I looked at Marco and with one expression said, OH MY GOD! WHAT? HOW? NO! WHAT?

(not that there is anything wrong with being a fashion designer but it was not in my vision!)

And then he looked at me and laughed.

Babe, she’s 11. 

Oh, yeah.

Her troop made dresses for Little Dresses for Africa


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  1. ha! Yeah, going through that right now with our soon to be 18 year old- she keeps turning up her nose at anything remotely sensible we suggest, her dream is to get a degree in horse ranch management and my very linear civil engineer husband says “not on my dime”…so stalemate so far…! She’s a very creative soul, it will be interesting to see where she ends up. Right now she is dabbling in being trained to teach violin, but her heart is not really into it. we shall see, I guess. The teen years sure a crazy making!

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