Little by little, their babyness gives way to toddlerhood.

Running, jumping, talking, making their choices known in what to wear and what to eat.

"Nee nee"

A little over a month ago, we started getting them to go to bed without their beloved pacifiers.

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They take over our bed. @dad4girlz

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Getting them tired during the day. Distracting them whenever they demanded one. And before we knew it, they were done.

They other day Sarita crawled under my bed because somehow an errant paci was left under there. She wad so mad at me when I took it.
Sarita, that’s for babies! You’re a big girl.

No big girl! Baby!

Look, Yo Gabba Gabba!

Distraction for the win!

The last thing that remained was that one bed time bottle.

We had tried sippy cups with milk a few times since last fall. But they weren’t having it.


They were pretty adamant about having it their way.

Today I bought them brand new cups. I told them, look! Leche cups!

It worked! They drank up, and went to bed!


Next frontier? The Potty!

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