Mother’s Day, hooray!

How to have a great Mother’s Day:

Breakfast in bed made by my love.

Hand picked flowers from our yard.

Delicious dinner delivered by my sister from one of my favorite places. Stonefire Grill.

Delicious from Stonefire Grill

BBQ Chicken Salad, Ribs, Mashed Potatoes, Breadsticks, (Tri Tip – unpictured)

Spicy Cucumber margarita, mixed by my honey.

Delicious and Refreshing Margarita

Spicy Cucumber Margarita – a party favorite!

Handmade card made by my Gabi.

Ema saying HappyMuddersDay and then singing it to Happy Birthday to you, blowing out an invisible candle.

Breaking out the It’s Mother’s Day card to get my girls to stop arguing.

Marco taking over diaper duty (thanks, babe).

Trying to take a Mother’s Day picture with my four girls before the twins could escape. Not so easily done.

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Mother's day win!

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Blessed to be with my own mom today, but darn, we didn’t get a picture together.

Lemon Coconut cupcakes, baked by yours truly.

Lemon Coconut Cupcakes

Delicious, but I need to perfect the cake recipe.

Relaxing time on my own, catching up on some of my shows and creating this post.

Above all, being thankful for a house full of love.


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