What I do

As a working mom, I often feel inadequate. Like I’m not doing enough a home or enough at work. There’s always something to be done.

With four kids, two of whom happen to be quite self sufficient and two of whom are not so much.

Twins on the move

always on the move

My sister tells me that her friend and her have had several conversations about me using the words “how does she do it all?”

I do it all the same way I did when I had just one kid. I just do what I do. I do what I can. And I try to keep the important things a priority and only let the things that don’t matter too much fall off the radar. But the truth is, things slip through the cracks. But when things get too crazy and too overwhelming, I think like Dory, “just keep swimming.”

Is it hard with twins? Twins who are now two years old and run in separate directions and often take naps at alternate times? Heck ya!

Is it hard with a tween with the emerging hormones and attitude and the perfected use of the two syllable Mo-om!? Heck ya!

Is it hard with a not so big kid who’s 6 and still needs her mommy even though mommy gets pulled in other directions all the time? Heck ya!

But I do what I do. I do what I can. And sometimes things just don’t get done.

Tonight, I made taquitos and zucchini for dinner. Last night I picked up Chinese.

Tonight, we were late for girl scouts, but instead of just dropping her off, I stayed to help with the knitting lesson.

Tonight, Isa skipped soccer. Because I didn’t realize that Isa wasn’t wearing her soccer gear because she figured that since it was raining earlier in the evening, practice would be canceled. Of course, the sky cleared up as we drove away from our house toward the girl scout house.

Tonight, Marco helped Gabi with homework while I cooked dinner even though she prefers me to help. And tomorrow she’ll have to do a little more to do because she has an art project to do at home too in addition to her regular homework packet. (Why do teachers do that?!) Tomorrow, I’ll have to stop and buy some glue for the art project (or maybe Marco can do that). Tonight, she performed a silly living room show, involving an obstacle course. I combed her hair after her shower and tucked her in bed.

Tonight, I got to spend a little time with the twins during dinner and right before bed. And not much more than that. But their enthusiasm for MOOOOMMMYYY! is awesome. Changed diapers. Hugs and kisses. Singing songs. And they are happy.

A lot did NOT get done.

But right now, I’ve got Sarita snuggled up next to me. Everyone else is content and sleeping in their own beds.

And tomorrow is another day.

Also, I have Marco. That’s how I do it all.

This is Day 6 in the #PostADayinMay challenge I set for myself. Also known as #BlogEveryDayInMay in the challenge set by Jenni at Story Of My Life. Today’s blog prompt is – If you couldn’t answer with your job, how would you answer the question, ‘what do you do’?

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  1. Sam says:

    In the who has it easier in the stupid battle between working moms and SAHM I think working moms work the hardest. They have two full time jobs. They can’t take a nap with the kids if they need it. They can’t spend their day in pajamas. I know many moms need to work, for money, for fulfillment, or for sanity. It’s hard staying home with kids all day. I think you’re doing a great job. I would like to see your twins on my tv more though. 😀

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