In my bed

It’s been ages since I’ve had a real good nights sleep. We could really use a new mattress and being pushed to the far side of the bed with only inches to myself, my back has not been happy.

Sara in my bed

Taking over the bed. Again.

Add PMS to lack of sleep and you get a cranky Lex.

So, I said to Marco, tonight, we get the bed to ourselves. Since the twins have been fighting colds off and on these past months, they’ve spent more and more time in our bed than in their own. Especially Sara. She’s happiest when she’s snuggled up with one of us.

Sometimes, after she falls asleep in our bed, we can move her to her crib and she will stay there.

She’s still fighting a cough, but I had high hopes that she had gotten good and tired out after playing outside today. But sure enough, after I had put them both to bed, Sara lasted only about ten minutes before I heard her.

Help! Mama! I can’t get out! 

Please! I can’t get out! 

Now how in the world does a person just ignore that?!


I walked into their room. Ema says, Hi mom! 

By this time Sara had started crying. So I took her out of the crib. Turns out right after I had put her to bed, she dirtied her diaper. Of course she had to call for help with that situation. I told Ema, Go to sleep, night, night. I’m just going to change Sara’s diaper. And I walked out of the room with Sara and took her to my room.

A precarious few minutes followed when Ema was not happy being left behind. But by the time I finished changing Sara, Ema had quieted down. And Sara scooted herself up to my pillow and said.

I’m so tired. 

She laid down and closed her eyes.

Hopefully, with just one of them in bed with us, I’ll get more than just a few inches of our king size bed.

They’re only this little for so long. I’m not moving her.

I decided that I would post every day in May. It turns out, I’m not alone. It’s a Thing!

Elizabeth Stone Quote


Today’s blog prompt was “Favorite quote (from a person, from a book, etc) and why you love it.” My kids, man, they are my heart. 

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