This week, I lacked more sleep

So, what’s been going on in Casa La Primera?


So, if you’ve been around since the early blog days, you might remember that Gabi has a problem with markers. Since she first got her hands on one of Isa’s.


Oh no! How did this happen?

A couple of months ago, she had her 100 days project at school for which she had to make a t-shirt. After some facebook crowdsourcing, we did this using crayola fabric markers (non-toxic btw).

Gabi first grade 100_days shirt

First grade 100 days shirt

Well, last week, she snuck those markers into her backpack to school and was an instigator in a “let’s draw on our faces” escapade. Needless to say, this was not a “responsible choice.” Apparently, one of the friends ended up with a marker dot on her lip. And after school that day, this little girl’s mother took it upon herself to scold Gabi and tell her “you poisoned my daughter!”

That night, after a sullen evening and some crying, Gabi finally told me what happened. She was so afraid that she had indeed poisoned her friend. And that this woman would do something to her. How bad did I want to go find that mother and rip her hair out? Ugh.

Note to fellow parents: Do not take it upon yourself to scold and frighten other kids. Talk to the teacher or that kids parent. Worry about your own kid!

In the end, I had an email conversation with Gabi’s teacher and the situation has been settled as much as it will.  And that woman has been spoken to by the other teacher. But it will take my utmost fit-for-public-behavior self to prevent her from finding herself with my foot up her ass should I see her at the next school function. Lucky for her, I know how to behave like an adult. Just sayin’.


The other night, I was sound asleep. If you ask some people, they might say snoring away, but I don’t believe it. So there I am in a deep sleep.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

With a jolt I wake up to Isa nudging my arm.

“What’s the weather going to be like?”

Every dang morning, it’s the same thing. She depends on me telling her about the weather to decide what to wear. I decide then and there to introduce her to

I should probably tell you that Isa also gets up a half hour earlier than me every day because she takes forever to get herself ready.

Anyway, she taps my arm, I startle awake and grumble to her something about the weather and to go get dressed and get her sister up too.

I grab my phone to make sure I was right about the weather and to snooze my alarm that is surely starting to go off.

The time says 12:39 a.m.

What in the hell is wrong with this stupid smart phone? I restart it, assuming that the clock didn’t update.

Then I notice the TV is still on and Friends is on.

They don’t show Friends at 5:30am, I think to myself. And then I realize.

It really is 12:39 am!!!

I stumble down the hall, to find Gabi all groggy but dressed for school and about to go brush her hair. I tell her it’s still night time and  to get back in bed. “But I’m already dressed!” That’s ok, you’ll be all set in 5 hours when it really is time to get up.

I go to Isa’s room to find her horrified looking at her laptop. What time is it, Isa? “It’s 12:40!” she whines… ugh. Go back to bed. (I find out 5 hours later that she decided to put her pj’s back on rather than just sleep in her clothes. And when she did get dressed for the second time, she wore something different.)

She’ll never live that down. I foresee future reminders – “Remember the time you woke us all up in the middle of the night?”  I laugh now, but man, was I grumpy about it when it happened.

Twin happenings

This week, Marco was waiting for the big girls at pick up. And he caught Sarita on video:

Sara using big words


And Ema is not left out. She actually said it first weeks ago. We just didn’t catch it on video. Yeah. We need to be careful what we say around here.

Sara has become a super mama’s girl. Preferring to snuggle up with us in our bed rather than sleeping in her crib. (Needless to say, this doesn’t help with my effort to get a full night’s sleep.) Crying whenever I get out of the car when they drop me off at work. Sometimes crying even when I leave the room. Or fake crying until she makes real tears.

Ema will cry for real. Her emotions are always fully expressed. Ema cracks me up with her mannerisms:

Ema’s emphatic abc’s

Ema is a little more of a Daddy’s girl. She often runs to Marco first. She loves to snuggle up in his arms. They both know how to melt him. And me for that matter.

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  1. Miss says:

    While mike would probably lose an arm tapping me awake to ask the weather, I think it’s funny when it happens to you. 😉

    The best part was her ending up wearing something different LOL.


  2. Issa says:

    I once showered at 1:15am, thinking I was late for work somehow.

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