La Primera’s Delicious Slow Cooker Pot Roast

I like to cook. No, I love it! A lot!

I especially love to cook for family and friends.

After a few tries, I’ve perfected my easy slow cooker recipe for pot roast. It’s become a staple around here and is super easy.

You can do it too. Family will praise you. Friends will demand more. And you’ll find yourself making it again and again.


1. First you pick out a good cut of roast from the grocery store. Thick and not too fatty.

2. A small jar of minced garlic. (or if you wish you can chop up a bunch of garlic to equal a small jar, but then it’s not as quick and easy)

3. Fresh ground pepper.

4. A large onion

5. A little wine (I use whatever red we have on hand)

6. 2 cups of broth (any broth will do, but I usually use beef)

7. Two oranges (washed).

8. Oil (I prefer canola)



First, you place the meat into a shallow dish or bowl. Use the entire jar of garlic to cover the roast. Grab your pepper grinder and cover the meat with that too. You want to be generous with the pepper.

Garlic and pepper

Lots of garlic and pepper. All over


Next, in a pan on the stove, pour just enough oil to cover the bottom of pan and heat on med-high. Brown the roast on all sides. Scrape whatever garlic and pepper from your dish into the pan.

Brown the meat on all sides

I love my cast iron pan for this.


Meanwhile, slice the onion and place the rings at the bottom of your slow cooker.


Layer the onions on the bottom of the slow cooker


Place your browned roast on top of the onion. And return your pan to the stove.

Deglaze the pan with a little wine, scraping up all the remaining garlic and juices. Add the broth to the pan and reduce the heat to low. Once the mixture starts to bubble, remove from the heat and pour into the slow-cooker.

Slice one orange in half and squeeze the juice from both halves into the crockpot.  Slice the other orange into rings and place them on top of the roast. Squeeze the juice from the ends of the orange into the pot as well.

Ready to cook!

Ready to cook!


Cover and cook on high for one hour and then on low for at least 4 hours. You can keep cooking on low for up to 12 hours if you wish (you may want to add more broth for longer cooking). It’s done when you can take a fork to it and the meat just falls apart.

Roast is ready!

Easily pulls apart with a fork


I like to serve it with potatoes and veggies. Or you could make a sandwich. Or you could just stand over the crockpot and pick pieces and eat it when no one is looking.

Pot Roast

So delicious, I was too busy eating to take a great picture


I haven’t made it in a few weeks…

And now, I’m hungry for roast. Time to go grocery shopping.

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  1. EmmieJ says:

    I stole the orange idea…did it on chicken with whatever we had left from our grocery trip a week and a half ago (potatoes, onion and Brussels sprouts) because I haven’t made it to the grocery store this week. It was decent but doing it this way with the garlic and beef looks so yum. I only discovered jarred minced garlic a year or so ago. Where has it been all my life?!?!?!

  2. That looks fabulous! But doesn’t the garlic burn when you’re browning the meat? How do you keep that from happening?

    • Lexi says:

      Sorry Anne Louise! I just saw this! It doesn’t burn. It’s just a quick browning on med-high heat. I turn it after just a couple of minutes so each side is browned. Never had a burning problem. The garlic gets a little brown but not burnt.

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