It’s time to brush off the old keyboard and reappear on my blog.


Winter is always a tough time for me. I must have been a bear in a previous life. Hibernation appeals to me.

There were many great things happening in real life that didn’t get any attention here. A lot of love in the casa.

Lex and Marco

Here’s to Love in 2013

Marriage and the loving afterglow that goes on and on.

The twins turned 2.

Happy 2nd Birthday Sara and Ema

Happy 2nd Birthday Sara and Ema

My oldest turned 11.

Happy 11th Birthday to Isa

Isa 11 Years Old!

Gabi lost her first tooth. And then a couple days later she lost the one next to it. And the Tooth Fairy gave her ONE WHOLE DOLLAR! Because that’s the going rate in our casita.

Gabi lost her first tooth

She’s so proud!

I became a step-grandma.

Baby Feet

My grandbaby is so cute!

The twins went to work and the episode aired!

Ema and Sara backstage at Grey's

Ema and Sara backstage at Grey’s

Ema watching herself on TV

Ema watching herself on TV

There were also kidney stones, winter colds, stomach virus, and most recently a flu that hit only me but hit hard! I’m still coughing. And it still sucks.

Sick Lex

So sad and sick Lex

There was also an unwelcome job change and an all around blues that seems to hit me every year around this time. And makes me open up my laptop to a blank screen and then close it when the words just don’t pour out.

And it pisses me right off! Because I like blogging. I like the connection. I like having a record of my life.

So here’s to moving on from the silence and becoming the blabber blogger that I used to be!

Hi again!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Congratulations on all of your happy news!!! Your family is beautiful!

  2. Miss says:

    I met you because you were a blogger and now you’re one of my best friends that I couldn’t imagine not having in my life. Yay for new years and more blogging!


  3. Chan says:

    Yay for blogging again!! You are blessed my friend. Here’s to a year full of happiness!

  4. Ewokmama says:

    I’m glad you’re back!

  5. Erin says:

    Yes. Hibernation. I *SO* feel that. The winter always has a way of getting to me too… *hugs*

    Sounds like your family has had a pretty exciting winter despite some of the blah stuff getting in the way..

    Hope the spring brings you all much happiness…a reprieve from your cough….and more blogging! 🙂

    PS – Ummm…How did I not know that you’re the mom of the cutie pies on Greys?! Apparently I’m a wee bit behind on my creeping skills.

  6. Becky says:

    Welcome back to the out of hibernation world!

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