Not Done Yet!

There was so much to do today!

    Clean up house
    Find a dress
    Find some shoes for girls
    Find shoes for me
    Get food and drinks – Yay for Fresh and Easy!
    Bake cupcakes – two batches!
    Put big girls hair in hair band curls
    Empty memory in flip camera

Still left to do, that should have been done today but am going to bed and waking up early instead:

    Clean up kitchen
    Root touch up
    Make frosting – was going to do two flavors… probably just vanilla now
    Frost cupcakes
    Prepare food items ahead of time

Plus what also has to be done in the morning:

    Warm up, cook, and place out food.
    Wash and place glasses & dishes out. (paper plates may have to do)
    Get ready.
    Freak out a few times – probably.

To be continued…

In the meantime, here’s a kissy face pic


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