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This morning I woke up feeling pretty good. The babies’ morning antics were beyond adorable. I am loving this age.

Marco made us breakfast and coffee. We all hung out in the living room laughing with the silly twins.

Ema has learned the meaning of “That’s Mine” and keeps saying it over and over, grabbing everything. And declaring her ownership. But in a sweet matter of fact way, not in a terrible way.

Typical Sunday Morning

Typical Sunday Morning

Soon, I started feeling the familiar ache in my flank and abdomen. These kidney stones are still trying to move out. Ugh.

I rested and got a burst of energy later in the day and made some pasta for lunch and cut up veggies to put in the crock pot with the remainder of the turkey for soup. Until I realized that the turkey was no longer viable and made chicken soup instead.

The soup turned out great. As did the pasta. Leftovers for tomorrow for the win!

The big girls got home from their Bio-Dad visit. They went to the circus. At least they had fun. And a Steelers win in an exciting game was a plus!

Still not feeling great. Been chugging water all day.

I have to go to work tomorrow, so no more resting. I’m tired of this stone business. It zaps my energy and attitude. I try to be a positive person, but really struggling at that today.

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  1. Oh, you poor thing! I think it would be near impossible to have a good attitude when you feel a kidney stone attack coming on. I can’t believe you are doing all that you are!! You sound like a superstar!
    Your babies are beyond adorable and the “it’s mine” stage is so cute.
    Hope you feel better soon.

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