Ema up all night

I was all set to write a post last night about something totally clever and awesome.

We put the twins to bed and I was headed for the laptop.

And then we heard “Waaaaaah!”

Ema. Screaming her head off.

Marco picked her up, took her to the living room, sat on the couch, and then….

sad tummy

Baby’s first barf. Where does that go in the baby book?

Poor baby was like “what in the hell is happening?!!!!”

Right after that she was laughing and wandering around the living room, playing with toys. We thought she had just eaten too much.

Well, we ended up repeating the scenario 4 more times last night with the crying and cleanup and consoling and poor baby, oh my god.

Got about 4 hours sleep last night.

Today, she held food down. But was still not fully herself. She had the tired eyes.

But we asked her, “Ema, are you ok?”

She said, “I ok.”

Thank goodness.

Now we are praying if it was a tummy bug that somehow no one else is hit.

And everyone had better be washing their hands around here. The best way to stay well is to keep your hands clean. And kids man, they get messy and dirty little hands.

School, soccer, toys, park, dog, outside, inside…

This is not a sponsored post for hand soap. In case you were wondering.

I just hate it when my kiddos are sick.

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  1. Nanette says:

    I hope she feels better soon! Poor gal, and mama!

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