Thank you Mr. President!

Going to bed tonight, feeling very thankful.

Impressed by the President’s words tonight. His message of continued hope, courage, unity and strength.

Hopeful for my four daughters that the war on women took a big hit tonight. That they will grow to live in a world where women get an equal say and have domain over their bodies (along with the consult of doctors instead of politicians).

Hopeful that my sister who suffers from a chronic illness will never have to worry again about getting the daily health care she needs if she ever finds herself between jobs again. Ditto for the many friends I have in the same boat.

Hopeful that one day in the not so distant future, that my brother, cousin, and friends can marry the one they love no matter what state they are living in.

Hopeful that my children grow up to live in a country where environmental stewardship means something.

Hopeful that the divisiveness that has taken a stronghold in our government and society can find a bridge to cooperation.

Thank you Mr. President, for your words that value what makes our country so great.

And, yes, I will pray too. For a better future in our country and in our society. That somehow, in four years, there’s less ugly and more friendship and peace.

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