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I didn’t mean to lie. Or let me start the November posting every day thing and then remain silent for a few days. But life and kids, man.

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So I’m checking in and making this quick.

1. Isa lied straight faced to me last week. I was aghast to find out that she looked right at me and said “No, Mom.” And then I said, “are you sure? if I go check, then I’ll find what I’m looking for?” “Yes, mom.”

Ok, so she’s 10. Kids lie. But man, she’s 10! It’s not like it’s one of the twins or even my 6yo. I’m not raising a dang Mittens over here. I need her to not lie to me about things. Especially little things. Ugh. I’m at a loss. I talked to her about it. Gave her extra chores for the week. But essentially, I don’t think grounding her or taking stuff away is going to help. So, my plan is to keep talking to her about trust and truth and honesty.

2. I’m zapped from energy right now. But I am glad I’m here writing even just this little bit. Remembering how much I love it.

3. I had to reign in my mama bear instinct today. Not because I wanted to, but because I was in no place to do anything about it. Gabi reported to me that a little boy who sits next to her at school slapped her in the face today. She said it was promptly dealt with. The boy was sent to the principal and then picked up by his parents. She went to get an ice pack from the nurse’s office. But how bad do I want to go there tomorrow and slap this boy myself? Of course, I won’t. But what the hell?! I do have confidence in her teacher and that it was an isolated incident. And Gabi is a strong kid who will not stay silent should he be mean again. She also said that he apologized and she said ok, but that she hasn’t decided to forgive him just yet. Tough one, my girl.

And with that, I”m out. Vote for Obama, my friends. Good night.

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  1. My 8Yo has been pushing the boundaries of truth for the past year. She’s learned that she gets a very short leash when she’s violated our trust. That trust gets very annoying when your mom hovers around playdates and treats you like a baby in front of your friends.

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