Doing What Scares Me

The only way to get through the gap of not writing is to uh, actually write. Here, in my space that I created.

I have this fear of everything lately. Anxiety. What ifs. It’s a recurring theme throughout my adult life. And I know better. I’ve learned the tricks. I’ve taken meds before. And during times of stress, anxiety rears its ugly head. And here it is again.


So I’m going to get through it. As I do.

My contribution to my friend, Megan’s, #OpEleanor project. Do one thing every day that scares you.

And for me, lately, that’s letting the words out. But I’m doing this.

And, to give myself a kick in the butt, I’m also signing up for NaBloPoMo. I mean, why not make it official, right?

In the meantime, enjoy these photos of my trick or treaters.

trick or treat

trick or treat times two

little angels

My sister came over. Miss and Ant came over. We had fun. Even if it ended with me carrying one crying twin for 7 blocks. But hey, I needed the exercise. I have a lot of candy to eat. Do you know how baby candy always ends up going to the parents? Yeah, I have two babies. They may get a few m&m’s.

But I’ve got some kit kats and milky way darks to gobble up.

And I’ll send the rest off to one of those groups that takes candy care packages.

Did you have a good halloween too? Are you doing the NaBloPoMo? How about #OpEleanor?

And lastly, if you’re reading this from the East Coast, I hope you and yours are safe and sound. I am counting my blessings these days and I am praying for those dealing with the storm aftermath. My little anxiety is pretty lame in comparison. My perspective is in adjustment.

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  1. Issa says:

    The twins man. So stinking cute. The big girls too. But twin angels is just plain awesome. 🙂

    I’m doing NoMoBlowPops too. 😉

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