First Day of School 2012

We found out on Friday, that we got approved to send the girls back to their school from last year even though we moved to a new district. That gave us two days to get our act together rather than another two weeks.

School supplies, school clothes and oh yeah, really step up that bed time (too late). But we got there.

When I hear “first day of school,” I hear it in Nemo’s voice in my head. Is it just me?

Isa was really nervous last night. She’s such a mother hen to Gabi that she was nervous for her starting first grade. She was going to ask her teacher if she could be excused early because she had to pick up her sister from class. Awwww.

I took off a couple of hours from work this morning to do the first day of school tradition. Pancakes!

First Day of School Pancakes

And I took them to school, and took Gabi to her class and met her teacher. Isa the badass Fifth grader, found her friends and was all, “bye, Mom!” But at least she kissed me good-bye. She’s not 100% badass yet. Thank God.

I took Gabi to the area where the classes line up for morning exercise with their classes. She immediately found her kindergarten soulmate and was happy to find out that he was in her class. And he was just as mushy happy to see her too. I died. Expect me to post the bridal registry in 2032.

And now comes the fun part. Pile of Forms. Times Two. At least they gave me a week to return them.

I have a good feeling about this year. I think the girls do too.

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