Six and Spunky

Six years ago, I gave birth to my second baby girl. The one I didn’t think would happen, but was so happy to find that several home pregnancy tests and one blood test can be wrong because there she was. Perfectly sweet with the hugest dimples those delivery nurses had ever seen.

I remember feeling like such a superwoman when she was born. I knew what I was doing. Gone was the fear of my first night with a newborn. Instead, I felt like a pro. It seemed so easy.

She was such an easy baby. Which I was so thankful for in those early days, as I became a single mom when she was barely two months old.

As she grew into herself, developing her little personality, she became less easy-going and more spunky. She made her needs and wants clear and to this day, that hasn’t changed.

She knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to tell you.

As she is leaving almost all signs of babyhood behind, I can still see glimpses of my sweet little pink baby in her. I can still pull her on my lap and snuggle her. And she lets me.

She loves acting like a big kid. Wanting to do the things her big sister does. And trying to talk like she’s a grown teen. But she is quick to remind me, she’s still my little kid.

I stil have to remind her to wash her hands, brush her teeth, flush, turn off the lights when she leaves a room. Hopefully, by the time she’s seven, she’ll remember to do most of that herself.


Gabi's Sixth Birthday

Happy 6th birthday, Gabi!


Here’s a brief interview I had with her.

What’s your favorite thing to do?

Play petshops. 

Where is your favorite place to go?

That’s easy! Chuck E Cheese!


Yes! no wait! The Park! Because friends are there. And even if my friends aren’t there, there are other kids there that I can be friends with.

What scares you?

That’s tough. Hmmm. Give me some hints.

You tell me. Does anything scare you?

Oh! when someone sneaks behind me and I don’t see them then I can get scared.

What are most excited about being six?

Getting to go to first grade! 

What’s your favorite part of school?

Playing at recess with all my friends. That are GIRLS! 

You’re not friends with boys?

Just one boy. Only him.

(good lord)

One question, why are you asking me all these questions? 

Because I want to remember how you are when you’re six.

What do you think about being six?

I’m not a little girl. I’ll be a big kid.

More responsible?

Sure. More responsible, of course. 

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Um, I don’t know. 

You can’t wait until your seven?

No, I can’t wait until I’m ten. And get boobs!


I’ve got one thing. I’m funny. That’s what I want people to know. 

And that’s my Gabi. Six. Funny. and spunky as can be!

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  1. Miss says:

    And SO your mini me. Happy birthday Gabi!!

  2. mel says:

    It’s mini Lex. Happy 6th Birthday Gabs!!!!

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