Cooking with Lex – Lime Chicken & Pasta

I love to cook. It stirs my creativity and I have fun doing it. Plus, hello, FOOD! Sometimes, my cooking experiments don’t quite work. But tonight, it was a success!

Here’s what I made

Lime Chicken and Pasta

Lime Chicken and Pasta


First, I started cooking some Penne Pasta. (Actually, that’s a lie… I didn’t start cooking the pasta until well into cooking the rest. In the future, I recommend starting the pasta first.)

I took some chicken breasts, sprinkled them with some garlic herb seasoning, a little Lawry’s seasoning salt, some ground pepper, and cooked them in a pan with about two tablespoons of olive oil. (I didn’t measure, this is a guess). I cooked them for about 4 minutes on each side.  Then I put them in a covered baking dish in a 375℉ oven so that they continue cooking in the middle without drying out.  You don’t want any pink chicken on your plate. Ew!

I added some liquid to the remaining chicken juices and stuff left in the pan.  I recommend some wine or some broth. But today I just added a little water.  I also added about a 1 tablespoon of butter.  I stirred the mixture, while scraping up the chicken remains from the pan.  I squeezed all the juice from a lime into the mixture. (next time I will use 2 limes).

I added sliced onion, sliced zucchini, and two chopped garlic cloves and sauteed them until the onions were beginning to clear.

I checked the pasta, it was almost done.

I pulled out the chicken from the oven and cut it up into pieces.  No pink! yay!




I cut up the chicken into bite size pieces, and added that to the pan of vegetables. I added about a half a cup of half and half. (I didn’t have any heavy cream, but it was still good. Just not as creamy as I envisioned.) I took about a half a teaspoon of sea salt, and ground it with a spoon in a dish and sprinkled that into the sauce.  I sprinkled some of the garlic herb seasoning and ground pepper into the sauce.  Stirred and cooked over medium-low heat until all the flavors combined.

Lime chicken sauce

The sauce

While the flavors were flavoring, I drained the pasta and added that to the sauce in the pan. I covered it and continued cooking over low heat for about 4 minutes. I removed the cover, tasted it, and declared a victory in the making.

Last but not least, I sprinkled grated parmesan cheese over the pasta. I like a lot, so I sprinkled it over the whole pan of it.


What I used

The whole family loved it. Isa and Marco both wanted seconds. Gabi even ate all her vegetables, which is a huge victory!

In fact, that’s what my motivation was in creating the dish.  How do I get this girl to eat her vegetables.

The whole thing took less than half an hour. hA winner!

Let me know if you try it. Feel free to experiment.  The best creations in the kitchen come from flexing your imagination and using what you’ve got.

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  1. brigitta says:

    Mmmm, lime! I don’t eat chicken but I’ll have to send this to my carnivore friends because I’ve never heard of this combination of flavors. Sounds good!

  2. Caryn B says:

    I agree..lime is awesome with chicken!

  3. I love lime on almost anything!

  4. Hilarye says:

    Yum! That does look good! Can I come over for dinner?

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