It’s been ages

It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything here. I’ve been living life, in the back of my mind, thinking, “blog about that.” Those things have accumulated over time and yet, I haven’t written a word.

This is what happens when I try to use the computer at home most of the time:

Techie babies

On Demand Videos? Yes, mommy!


Sarita the blogger

Sarita is all about social media

Oh, sure, I’ve tweeted a lot. And facebooked (that’s a verb these days, right?). But it’s not the same as blogging. And just right now, as the keys are pressed and the letters appear on the screen, I realize… I’ve sure missed it.

Since I was last here:

I started a new job. Close to home, FTW!

The twins had a birthday.  They also completed another season of Grey’s which is still just crazy to me. Did that really happen? Yes and we love it!


Happy first birthday, Ema!

Ema1 year old

Ema Birthday Cupcake

Sara 1 year old

My oldest, Isa, also had a birthday and is well into the Tween/Pre-TEEN stage of everything. Oh, hello hormones! (*I owe a huge thank you to my mother. And maybe an apology or two.)  She’s also the coolest kid I could ever meet, so that balances everything out.

And Gabi is in the last stretch of kindergarten and losing almost the signs of babyhood. (still working on saying her R’s.)  She makes us laugh every day.  And she’s dying to be a big girl like her big sister and still be the baby of the family. Spending one on one time with her is a must.

And Marco and I are just as nauseatingly in love as always. As evidenced in a recent tweet:

True Romance

I’m a blessed woman.

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  1. AmazingGreis says:

    OMG, they’ve gotten so BIG.

    So glad to see this today. So glad all is well with the girls and you and Marco and YAY for new jobs!!!

    Miss you bunches!!

    Hugs to you all!

  2. Issa says:

    I like seeing you back here. 🙂

  3. cindy w says:

    Aww, made me happy to see you pop in my reader today. 🙂 Those girls are gorgeous. Just like their mama.

  4. Patty says:

    The girls are so gorgeous! So glad to see you writing. I’ve taken a much needed break but hoping to get back into it soon. See you on Twitter 🙂

  5. Adrienne says:

    YAY! It was great seeing you IRL yesterday and even better to see you in my reader today (yes I am behind in my reader, so what)

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